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Licensed Practical Nurses serve a key role in the medical field. This field is very competitive for anyone who loves working with people and wants to dedicate their career to improving the lives of patients. Because it is so competitive it’s important to create a great resume to show future employers that you are a great fit.

Being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) requires that candidates pass a licensing exam from the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. The most competitive candidates will have a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree in nursing. Without a degree, there are also certified training courses available in many states. These programs can take up to 2 years but can be completed in as little as 9 months.

This profession requires great people skills, organization, and focus. Your resume should highlight experience that shows off these skills. In addition to including all required certifications on your resume, highlight any special achievements or notable honors. Think of anything unique that will set you apart from the other candidates.

Being a Licensed Practical Nurse requires dedication and empathy. If you have any experience that demonstrates your ability to remain calm under pressure, these should be included. Any professional experience you have in the field should be featured prominently on your resume.

Top Tips

  • For Licensed Practical Nurses, a traditional reverse chronological resume format is standard
  • To ensure your resume looks professional, use one of the many online resume templates
  • Design of the resume should consider the following:
    • How to present content as concisely as possible
    • Professional color scheme
    • A clean layout which makes the content easy to scan

Not recommended



  • Contact
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications


  • Hobbies
  • Awards and honors
  • Languages
  • Volunteer work
  • Resume Objective Statement
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


The best format for a Licensed Practical Nurse resume is the reverse chronological format. This is standard for the industry and allows recruiters to easily understand the achievements that make you well-suited for the job. The format divides the resume into different sections which describe your experience, qualifications, and training courses.

Remember to be concise since every word in the resume takes up precious space. Use a simple and professional font that is easy to read. Since your resume sets the first impression of you as a candidate, it’s a good idea to use an online resume template to get started.


The overall design of the resume is important because it sets the general first impression. A clean design will be more appealing to a recruiter than a resume that is packed with information.

When designing your resume, there are certain elements that will keep the design clean. Ensure that the spacing of all the content makes things easy to read. Keep the overall design professional and avoid overstyling the resume.

Since the design is so important but is often the most challenging part of the resume, start by browsing some example resumes for inspiration.


In the United States, resumes do not include a photo of the candidate. In fact, this is against common practice because it can contribute to discrimination in the hiring process.

However, it is still common in some other countries to include a photo. Therefore, be sure to research the cultural norms of the place where the job is located.

Sections of a Resume

When creating your Licensed Practical Nurse resume, you should choose the sections which showcase you as a great fit for the job.

Typically, the most common sections for the Licensed Practical Nurse resume are:

  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications

To give your resume more of a personal touch, you can include the following optional sections:

  • Hobbies
  • Awards and honors
  • Languages
  • Volunteer work

One part of the resume that is optional to include but can give you a clear advantage is the resume objective statement. This is a short statement which introduces you as a candidate for the hiring manager. It can include a summary of your career goals and the specific reasons why you are applying for the job.

Resume Length

Even if you have years of experience, it’s important to keep your resume length to just one page. This guarantees that you are highlighting the most relevant experience, and makes it more likely that the hiring manager will read the entire resume.

This requires you to be selective about what to include on your resume and to avoid redundancies at all costs.

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Section Headings

The sectional layout of a resume helps you present your experience in a clean format. The sections make it easy for a hiring manager to understand how your experiences make you a great fit for the role.

Work experience

Usually, the first section of the resume is the Work Experience section. This is the place where you should list any professional experience. Industry experience that is similar to the job description will be seen as a huge advantage.

Any interaction with patients or medical professionals should be mentioned. Be sure to highlight any personal accomplishments or projects which will make you stand out from the other candidates. This also means that you can leave some professional experience out if it does not directly relate to the position at hand. For example, a summer job to earn pocket change does not need to be mentioned on a Licensed Practical Nurse resume.


The skills section is the place where you can include both your technical skills, like programs or training courses, along with your soft skills. Include any certifications that you have received. You can also include completed training courses or seminars that you have attended. Be sure to refer to the job description to get an idea of the skills that they are looking for in a candidate.


The Educational Section is mandatory for a Licensed Practical Nurse resume. In addition to your degree, think about any personal projects or accomplishments that you achieved during your studies. For a Licensed Practical Nurse resume, including the GPA is usually mandatory.

Especially if you are early in your career, you can add more details to the educational section. You can even mention specific papers or seminars that you attended during your course of study.

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Nowadays, most recruiters use search software to sift through the many resumes that they receive. It’s important to understand that the search software will filter based on specific keywords.

Applicants should be sure to include the most likely keywords to get their resume selected by this software. The best source of these keywords is the job description itself. We’ve also assembled a list of keywords that are relevant to the Licensed Practical Nurse profession.

Words to Use

  • Treatment
  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • CPR
  • Hospitals
  • Certified
  • Reports
  • Patient intake
  • Lab Results
  • Lab equipment
  • Patient exams
  • Medications
  • Empathy
  • Diagnosis
  • Appointment
  • Efficient

Action Verbs

  • Triage
  • Order
  • Perform
  • Train
  • Test
  • Assist
  • Administer
  • Provide
  • Facilitate
  • Collaborate
  • Gather
  • Educate
  • Serve
  • Coordinate
  • Initiate
  • Communicate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Licensed Practical Nurse role at a private practice

Experienced and dedicated Licensed Practical Nurse with 3 years of experience in pediatrics. Proven track record of collaboration with nursing staff and doctors. Interpersonal skills and relationship building with patients and families.

  • Performed clinical procedures and assisted doctors as-needed
  • Sent orders for Lab results and organized the testing results for patients
  • Administered medication and performed small procedures on patients in the clinic
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  • Bachelor
    of Science Degree in Biology
  • 3 Years experience
    as a Licensed Practical Nurse in private pediatric practice
  • Certified
    in First Aid and CPR

Last modified on August 20th, 2019

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