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Legal Secretary Resume Tips and Ideas

Legal secretaries are essential for the performance of multiple tasks within a law office. You need relevant training specific to the law field to become one. Some of the tasks you will undertake include writing of legal documents such as motions, summons, and subpoenas, among others. You will also need to conduct relevant research to help the lawyers come up with different documents. Other essential roles that you will undertake include reading of legal documents, answering telephone calls, and responding to email correspondence. You will also need to manage the calendars for the lawyers, take care of office functions such as ordering of office supplies and ensuring the smooth running of the office.

The hiring managers will be looking for certain aspects when they go through your resume. It is, therefore, essential that you highlight your work history and skills in an easy-to-digest manner. Take advantage of resources such as the online resume builder or the resume generator for some fantastic guidelines.

Your resume must have a professional design and layout because it is the tool that you use to market yourself. The right resume design, layout, and format are, therefore, a critical factor that you must consider when developing your resume.

Top Tips

  • You have the option of using the chronological resume or combination resume format. Both will allow you to showcase your expertise in that particular field.
  • Focus on your skill-set and work experience. You are in charge of a very critical docket, and the lawyers will depend on you to make their lives easier.
  • You will find resume guidelines and resume templates online to help you write your resume.
  • Professional looking
  • Attractive design
  • Resume Bullet points to highlight key responsibilities and achievements




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Qualification summary
  • General skills section
  • Work history
  • Education section
  • Certifications


  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


The resume format needs to showcase three important areas. These are the work experience, your skill-set, and your education. Focus on what adds value to your resume, and use the right descriptions to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Hiring managers or potential employers will want to know why you are the right person for the job, and showing that you have the experience is therefore essential.

If you look at examples of resumes, you will notice that there is a lot of attention to the design, fonts, and layout. You will also see that there are no typos, thus showing a lot of attention to detail. A resume generator will help you save on valuable time by showing you exactly what you need to have in your format.


A combination or chronological resume is the best design for a legal secretary resume. They both allow you to present your work and skills in an easy to read manner. You get to focus on the critical areas without clutter or disorganization. You must include bullet points so that anyone who is reading your resume can easily pick out the key areas they want to focus on. Strive for a simple, clean design with a professional font.


In an effort to discourage any discrimination of job applicants in the United States, you do not include your picture in your resume.

If you reside in Europe, you may need to include a photo. Do note; different rules apply to different countries. For instance, most of continental Europe will require a photograph, while the same does not apply to the UK.

Sections of a Resume

Major sections to include

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Qualification summary
  • Work history
  • Education section
  • certifications


  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests

Resume Length

Your work experience will determine the length of your resume. Summarize your work history and only use relevant descriptions. Use bullet points for ease of reading. Use the right resume keywords or adjectives to describe your experience. Do not fill up the pages with unnecessary words or descriptions. You will confuse whoever is reading your resume and will appear disorganized in your thought process.

Legal Secretary Resume Section Headings

Do not fill your resume for the sake of having a long resume. You might include things that are unnecessary and the employer will be hesitant to hire you.

Here is way you can fill your resume.


The resume objective will introduce you as a job seeker. You must highlight why you think that is the job for you, and how you are the best person for it.


Use the qualification summary section to highlight your skills. Focus on those relevant to the job, such as proficiency in office software, typing speed, customer service, filing, data entry, among others. Also show other attributes such as flexibility, quick learner, and hard-worker, proactive, maintains confidentiality, among others.


A legal secretary needs qualifications specific to their field. You will require a diploma or degree for the job. Ensure you include those that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Certifications & courses

It is essential that you focus on any other certification you may have other than the educational ones. Such include paralegal, notary public, First Aid, among others.

Work experience

Your work experience section is critical because you need the hiring manager to see that you can deliver as per expectation. Highlight the different tasks you can handle, such as preparing legal documents, processing invoices, screening appointments, reviewing correspondence, among others. Do not forget to showcase how you can contribute to assisting with the preparation of legal documents, transcription, among others. Ensure you use bullet points and the right descriptive terms when talking about what you can do.

Legal Secretary Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

As a Legal Secretary, there are words which you must include in your resume. This vocabularies and action verbs will make your resume sound much more passionate and less generic.

Words to Use

  • Listening skills
  • Success-oriented
  • Hardworking
  • Confidential
  • Organized
  • Communication
  • Solution finder
  • Focused
  • Trust worthy
  • Problem-solving
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professional
  • Strategic
  • Analytical
  • Proactive
  • Meticulous

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Train
  • Plan
  • Present
  • Organize
  • Mentor
  • Draft
  • Listen
  • Strategize
  • Manage
  • Proofread
  • Improve
  • Listen
  • Confide
  • Copyedit
  • Transcribe

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking an entry-level legal secretary position

Resume summary statement:

A recent graduate, with the ability to research and lots of eagerness to learn is looking for a position as a Legal Secretary.

  • Maintained schedules and was in charge of arranging logistics for meetings
  • Communicated with clients and other team members for the smooth running of office functions
  • Helped with research and putting together legal documents
  • Tasked with proofreading and copyediting of different legal documents.
  • Ordered office supplies and did inventory management
  • Helped with invoicing and billing of clients.
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  • Ability
    to research
  • Eager
    to learn and handle multiple tasks
  • Abilities
    Copyediting and proofreading

2. A candidate seeking a Legal secretary senior position.

Resume summary statement:

Having over 10 years of experience, a degree and proven work experience in major law firms in the country, this Legal Secretary is ready to take you to the next level.

  • Maintained the calendar of 5 partners
  • Prepared correspondence for the team and clients
  • Transcribed depositions and other legal documents
  • Filed pleadings, litigations, and motions
  • Mentor and trainer to junior legal assistants
  • Attended meetings, took notes and presented them to the teams for deliberations
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  • 10+ years’
    work experience
  • Work experience
    in top law firms
  • Excellent
    research skills