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Legal Receptionist Resume Tips and Ideas

Legal receptionists play an integral role in the smooth running of a law firm office. You get to handle a variety of legal roles so that the lawyers can efficiently complete their tasks. You have the responsibility of creating a hospitable and professional environment for the clients. You must be an individual who has excellent interpersonal skills because you are the first person who gets to interact with the clients. You must have the right attitude to satisfy the needs of the customers. While you do not necessarily have to have legal training, you should be familiar with the legal terminology. Curiosity and an ability to learn are, therefore, essential for your career goal.

To land the right job, you must have a resume that speaks for you. You will find fantastic resources such as the online resume builders that can help you with the process. You need to show the hiring manager or your potential employer that you have the right skill set, and your resume is a powerful tool to communicate your abilities.

Pay attention to the design, template, and fonts, among others, while focusing on your skill-set. It is essential that you let your employees know that you have the necessary experience by highlighting your work history.

Top Tips

  • A chronological resume will allow you to highlight work history, thus allowing the hiring manager to get a quick overview of your abilities. You can also use the combination resume format to showcase your expertise in that particular field.
  • The focus will be on your skill-set and work experience. You must convince the potential employer that you are the right person for the job.
  • Use the resume builder or resume generator to help write the perfect resume.
  • Professional looking
  • Attractive design
  • Bullet points to highlight key responsibilities and achievements




  • Contact information
  • Qualification summary
  • General skills section
  • Work history
  • Education section


  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


The resume format for a legal receptionist focuses on work experience and the skills you bring on board. A resume builder will help you decide on what to include to get a professional-looking resume. If you have any unique skills, you must include them because hiring managers are always looking for that one thing that makes a candidate stand out. Some of the things you will need to highlight include your organizational skills, verbal communication, written communication, attention to detail, among others. You will be in charge of sensitive documents and information, and the hiring manager will be looking for a well-rounded individual who can handle a wide range of tasks comfortably.

Pay attention to the fonts, layout, and design and avoid any typos because attention to detail is critical for the legal receptionist position. You will find very many resume samples that you can use as a guide on what to do for that perfect resume.


A combination or chronological resume will allow you to highlight your skills and work experience. Make sure you include the relevant sections, such as resume summary, work experience, and any unique skills you have. Bullet points will help with presenting your work and skills descriptors in an easy-to-digest manner. The design should be simple and clutter-free for a more professional look.


Do not include any photographs in your resume if you live in the United States. The move aims at discouraging any discrimination from the hiring managers.

Some countries within Europe may require that you include your photo in your resume. Pay attention to the kind of photograph you use; it must be professional looking and a high-resolution image.

Sections of a Resume

Major sections to include

  • Contact information
  • Qualification summary
  • General skills section
  • Work history
  • Education section


  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests

Resume Length

The length of your resume ideally depends on the work experience you have. Summarize the skills and work descriptions so that you avoid the use of too many words. Avoid unnecessary phrases just so that you can fill up extra pages. Your content should be easily scannable through the use of the right resume keywords or adjectives to describe your experience. You should ideally aim for a maximum of two pages; if your resume is too short, it may give the wrong impression that you do not have the right work experience.

Legal Receptionist Resume Section Headings

Every section of your resume is key. It must impress the hiring managers.

You will need to have the following sections in the legal receptionist resume


The qualification summary will highlight what your skills are and what you will be bringing to the organization. You may, for example, point out that you have excellent interpersonal skills, and can comfortably handle a large number of queries from your clients and colleagues. Also, focus on other aspects such as flexibility, quick learner, and hard-worker, proactive, maintains confidentiality, among others.


The general skills section gives a more in-depth analysis of what you are capable of doing. Such include your ability to focus on results, time management, detail-oriented, strategic and analytical thinker, proactivity, among others. This area is critical because you will get to market yourself by highlighting your capabilities.

Work experience

Highlight your work experience and include the necessary descriptions. Your potential employer will want to know what type of tasks you can handle every day. You must also hhighlight any achievements. If, for example, you received recognition for a specific role, make sure you highlight it.

Legal Receptionist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

You need to impress the hiring team. As you write your resume as a Legal receptionist there are vocabularies you should include. This words will exclude your resume from other professions and also impress the hiring team.

Words to Use

  • Listening skills
  • Success
  • Creative
  • Confidential
  • Organize
  • Organize
  • Customer Service
  • Abilities
  • Relationships
  • Friendly
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professional
  • Strategize
  • Analytical
  • Proactive
  • Meticulous

Action Verbs

  • Schedule
  • Order
  • Plan
  • Listen
  • Organize
  • File
  • Deliver
  • Communicate
  • Strategize
  • Verify
  • Serve
  • Engage
  • Maintain
  • Identify
  • Route
  • Greet

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking. Legal receptionist position

Resume summary statement:

Ability to work under pressure, relevant qualifications, recommendations from major firms and excellent social skills. Has 1 year of relevant experience and is amazing at multi tasking.

  • Handled multiple calls
  • The first point of interaction and contact for any visitors to the law firm
  • Managed the lawyer’s calendars
  • Typed and prepared legal correspondence
  • Did basic research as and when required
  • Ensured smooth running of the office by ordering office supplies, sorting and distributing mails, responding to customer queries among others
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  • 1+ years
    of experience
  • Knowledge
    of legal terminology an added advantage
  • Relevant
  • Customer-oriented

2. A candidate seeking – Legal receptionist – supervisory position

Resume summary statement:

This Legal receptionist is highly effective, friendly, fast and on time. excellent knowledge in the Legal field. Over five years experience and a degree in the field.

  • Oversaw a team of legal receptionists and coordinated their work schedules for smooth running of the office
  • Implemented changes that led to better performance of the different groups
  • Managed the work calendar of the senior partners
  • Helped prepare and manage case files
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  • 5+ years’
    work experience
  • Familiarity
    with legal terms
  • Excellent knowledge
    of office management software