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Investment Analyst Resume Tips and Ideas

The job of investment analysts involves examining economic trends and their impact on an individual’s or organization’s investment potential. The precise nature of their work varies according to the type of employer who can be anything from stockbrokers to investment banks. Some of their typical responsibilities include drafting financial research summaries, Interpreting complicated financial information to clients and maintaining up to date information about the economy.

Executing the responsibilities of the position requires financial expertise, strategic planning, a sharp analytical mind, and exceptional communication skills. Various employers specify the duties of the jobs they are offering and the skills required to execute them. Tailor your resume according to each job vacancy. The job description should guide your resume qualifications.

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Top Tips

  • Employers recommend the chronological format
  • A combination functional format is suitable in some cases
  • Use our resume builder to generate a flawless format

Consider the following design aspects when creating your resume:

  • Font choice and size
  • Section spacing and organization
  • Infographics
  • White space




  • Contact information
  • Work Experience
  • Education background
  • Skills


  • Certificates and licenses
  • Volunteer experience
  • Promotions
  • Hobbies and personal interests
  • Awards and recognitions
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


Use your resume format to exhibit your excellent organization skills and eye for detail. A clear and well-structured format will grab the attention of hiring managers and bring you a step closer to landing a job interview. Your career profile should determine the format of your Investment Analyst resume. You can choose a resume format that either highlights your skills or career progression.

Hiring managers prefer the chronological resume format since it shows clear career progression making it easy to follow an applicant’s work history. In this format, list your experience in reverse chronological order and highlight the most relevant career achievements. You can also use the functional resume format if your skills are more impressive than your work history.

For a perfect resume layout, use a resume template with pre-installed formatting features.


Resume design communicates a lot about an applicant. It showcases several skills, including organization, attention to detail, and design abilities. Make the design of your Investment Analyst visually appealing if you want to impress hiring managers. Design features to focus on include font, section organization, and spacing, color, use of white space and bullet points, to mention but a few.

Divide your resume into sections using subheadings and ample white space. The font should be formal and consistent throughout the document. Leave margins on the edges and use bullet points to organize your information into neat lists.


Do not include your photo in an Investment Analyst resume. Photos introduce several physical traits, including race and gender. These traits may elicit conscious or sub-conscious discrimination from hiring managers. The photo may contribute to the elimination of your resume. Since you are not mandated to include your photo in Investment Analyst resumes in the United States, there is no point in doing it.

Sections of a Resume

Section organization gives your ironworker resume flow. It points to where various qualification details are located, from skills to hobbies and personal interests. With clearly labeled sections, hiring managers will be able to understand your document thoroughly.

Include the following key sections in your ironworker resume:

  • Up to date Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Core skills
  • Work experience
  • Education background

Most resumes have almost identical information. Use additional sections to add a level of uniqueness to your document. You can include anything from personal interests to recognitions in your field. More extra sections include:

  • Certificates and licenses
  • Volunteer experience
  • Promotions
  • Hobbies and personal interests
  • Awards and recognitions

Resume Length

There is no fixed resume length. Applicants are however advised to keep their resumes short and precise. Your Investment Analyst resume should be 1-2 pages long.

Investment Analyst Resume Section Headings

The most crucial resume section headings in an Investment Analyst resume are professional experience, skills and education background.

Work experience

Most investment analysts work for large corporations, insurance companies, investment banks, private equity firms, large charities, or stockbrokers. These careers often start with apprenticeships, internships, and voluntary experience. Employers look for investment analysts with a few years of experience.

List all your relevant experience from the lower level analyst position to your current job. Instead of listing the roles and responsibilities you have handled, provide your career achievements. Use numbers to quantify and emphasize these achievements.


The Investment Analyst job is as much about crunching numbers as it is about interpersonal relations. As such, both technical skills and soft skills are necessary. An Investment Analyst should have an analytical mind and an ability to detect mathematical patterns and correlations quickly. Attention to detail, strategic planning, and good decision making under pressure are also exceptional skills of the profession.

An Investment Analyst should be able to respond quickly to sudden market changes and make recommendations that are valuable to the company. Computer proficiency is also an essential skill, especially the capacity to build advanced predictive models.

You must have excellent presentation skills and people skills to be able to communicate effectively and to put together professional-looking presentations.

Focus on the resume skills provided in the job description. Include more skills that are relevant to the position, especially those tied to your experience.


Employers look for a bachelor’s degree in business or finance as the minimum education qualification for Investment Analysts. Other acceptable degrees include Statistics, Economics, and Accounting. Master’s degrees in financial disciplines are an added advantage.

You can either include your certifications in the education section or create a special section for them. In the United States, the primary certification for investment analysts is the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). It is similar in stature to the CPA designation for accountants.

Investment Analyst Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Impress hiring managers with you knowledge of resume vocabulary used in the Investment Analyst profession. This should include the buzzwords and action words used in the job description. Keyword density also determines whether your resume is rejected by applicant tracking systems or not.

Use the following resume keywords in your Investment Analyst resume:

Words to Use

  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Broker
  • Equity
  • Financial model
  • Capital market
  • Bull
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inventory
  • Balance sheet
  • Turnover ratio
  • Depreciation
  • Credit crunch
  • Derivatives
  • Amortization
  • Commodities

Action Verbs

  • Research
  • Invest
  • Analyze
  • Audit
  • Forecast
  • Clear
  • Publish
  • Advise
  • Develop
  • Valuate
  • Model
  • Monitor
  • Collect
  • Manage
  • Review
  • Negotiate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Investment Analyst job

Tenacious Investment Analyst with 10+ years of experience working in investment sectors. Highly skilled in analyzing market data to draw financial inferences. Proficient in preparing financial reports and advising clients.

  • Collaborated efficiently with senior management of the local bank to develop loan terms and agreements
  • Developed numerous investment ideas from attending investor conferences and seminars
  • Investigated and analyzed equity funds, economic trends and financial statements of multiple companies
  • Interacted smoothly with clients to answer their queries and provide investment advice
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  • 10 years
    of working experience
  • Masters degree
    in International Business
  • Bachelors degree
    in Business Administration
  • CIMA
    Certified Investment Management Analyst

2. Candidate seeking Investment Analyst job

Dynamic Investment and Financial Analyst with more than 5 years of working experience dealing with multiple facets of accounting and investor management. Skilled in financial planning, portfolio management, financial reports analysis, and investor relations.

  • Successfully constructed performance literature for investment consultants and clients
  • Collaborated with the research team in developing and managing complex excel based financial models to use in creating new forecasting strategies
  • Participated in designing, testing, implementation, and management of a new financial scoring software
  • Worked amicably with private investors and agencies to resolve any remittance and/or reporting issues
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  • 5 years
    of working experience
  • Masters degree
    in Forensic Accounting
  • Bachelors degree
    in Accounting