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Human Resources Resume Tips and Ideas

A Human Resource department is a critical part of any business as the employees in human resources are responsible for the relations and training of all other members of staff. As well as managing all administration, training, payment, and hiring of the company’s current employees, they are also the first point of contact for many external business relations including stakeholders such as suppliers, prospective customers or account holders, community members, business partners, etc.

Similar to sales jobseekers who possess the ability to persuade and close contracts, HR candidates have an advantage over other sectors because they are well-versed in the hiring process, however, that does not necessarily mean that building an HR resume comes easier than for other professionals. This is where online resume creators can help candidates to select a well-organized resume template to customize and lead them in the right direction through the use of expert tips and examples.

Top Tips

  • Chronological Format only
    Functional and Combination resume formats are NOT recommended
    Try an online resume builder for ready-formatted templates
  • Keep in mind the following aspects of HR resume styles:
    Colors to use
    Bordering, tables, lines, etc.




  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement OR qualifications summary
  • Education/Training
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications/Qualifications


  • Publications
  • Conferences attended
  • Languages
  • Honors & Awards
  • Voluntary Work
  • Personal Interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


Generally, the best HR resume format is the reverse chronological structure as it is the most widely accepted layout for white-collar jobs like HR. The chronological resume format details the job history, education, and any certificates or honors and awards from most recent to oldest.

For HR resumes, functional and combination resume formats are not recommended as they can generate suspicion among potential employers as to whether the candidate is hiding a period of unemployment.

The structure of an HR resume is hugely important because HR employees will have a specially keen eye for detail and will expect to receive resumes that have an organized layout reflecting the job description and requirements of the vacancy on offer with no irrelevant information or cluttered or jumbled content.

Formatting an HR resume also requires considering the font type and size to be used as well as other functions like bold and italics. Take it easy with these aspects of your HR resume because a document full of differently formatted text is very hard to read and the readability factor of your resume is vitally important.

The font should be a medium size, using a standard document style font like Arial or Calibri to improve legibility.

Using a ready-made resume template from an online resume builder is a great way to ensure a high readability factor because the formatting is done for you and does not need to be modified.


Given the nature that design now plays in the recruiting process with creative resumes and video applications, it is important for all HR candidates to consider carefully the benefits of different styles of resumes for their candidacy.

Nowadays, candidates use different materials and graphics on their resumes to attract the attention of the right hiring manager but it’s essential to remember that it is pointless to spend hours crafting an original and inventive resume if the type of business where you want to work isn’t interested in this side of your profile and will simply send it straight to the trash.

As a rule, HR professionals may have a slight advantage when it comes to the application process as they will have most likely been on the other side of the interviewing table and the receiving end of the resume emails and have a little recruitment know-how which will benefit them when it comes to making their own new job application.

This is why, HR applicants already know that there are certain aspects of the resume design that should be taken into consideration before submitting any job applications. These include

  • White spacing
  • Use of colors
  • Tables, lines, and bordering
  • Bullet points

It is important for HR candidates creating a professional resume to research the company they are applying to so they can decide how to use each of these aspects of design correctly in order to appeal to the hiring manager.


Although in some countries it can be common practice to include a photo on a resume, in the US it is not advisable to put a photo on an HR resume.

Photos can be used in discriminatory purposes in recruiting and therefore are best left off because it could be that you present an exemplary resume with everything the employer is looking for but just because you’ve added a photo, they are not allowed to include your resume in their application process.

Sections of a Resume

A good HR resume should include various sections dedicated to the professional experience of the candidate, their academic achievements and any other accomplishments and abilities which are relevant to the position on offer or can be transferable.

It is also vital for HR jobseekers to consider the sector in which they are applying to include pertinent resume sections to display knowledge of the industry. Some parts of a resume are obligatory in any HR resume, whereas others may be more advantageous to certain candidates and not to others.

The generally-accepted main resume sections for an HR resume include:

  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement OR qualifications summary
  • Education/Training
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications/Qualifications

Other optional sections for an HR resume could be:

  • Publications
  • Conferences attended
  • Languages
  • Honors & Awards
  • Voluntary Work
  • Personal Interests

Any of these categories could be used to demonstrate the abilities and aptitude of a candidate to a certain role. It is always best to investigate first the vacancy on offer and the company culture to know how to proceed with the right resume sections.

Resume Length

HR candidates must be very accustomed to hearing various rules regarding the best length for a resume, however, traditionally and currently, the best way to ensure your resume is given the corresponding dedication it deserves is to minimalize.

Keep your HR resume to one or two pages at most. There are some exceptions to the rules for academic resumes for example, but all professional jobseekers, students and entry-level candidates should never exceed the 1 or 2 page maximum.

Official document formatting in the US permits Letter size pages measuring 8.5 x 11 inches for use as resumes.

Human Resources Resume Section Headings

HR resumes should focus mainly on the knowledge and experience that the candidate can bring to the role. Vacancies highlight specific qualifications and certain diplomas or degrees which are especially valued in HR applicants.

It is essential that each main section on an HR resume is adapted to fit the role on offer and the company advertising it. HR positions are necessary in practically every industry so the background and profile of the candidate should match the sector they’re applying to.

Work experience

Within an HR resume work experience section, it is advisable to detail the responsibilities you have been given in previous positions, especially in cases where you have been successful or achieved something specific that could be beneficial to your current application. It is inadvisable to include tasks that you did not enjoy or do not wish to continue in the new position.

Quantify! Although it can be more complicated in an HR position than for example a sales or accounting resume, when discussing your accomplishments in past work experience, in any instance that it is possible, give a measurable example of the achievement such as ‘By introducing a more flexible timetable, overall staff absences were reduced by 60% annually.’

Other quantifiable and unquantifiable examples of your participation in previous roles could include the ways in which you have improved or contributed to the company culture, goals, team dynamic or day-to-day working practices.


A good HR resume will mention all pertinent qualifications and certificates including:

  • Professional Human Resources (PHR) or
  • Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) accreditations.

Often HR job openings look for graduates with undergraduate or master degrees in human resources, business administration, psychology, marketing or finance, among others.


As part of the professional HR resume, it is vital to include a core competencies or skills section where each candidate describes their most relevant abilities regarding the tasks of an HR professional, paying special attention to IT capabilities and proficiency with human resource and staff management databases.

As well as technical skills, soft skills are highly regarded in the HR area because being able to deal with people management in all levels of business is the field’s main concern.

Human Resources Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Using keywords is a must for any HR applicant who aspires to be successful in their candidacy for a new job. It is very possible that in the company you wish to work, ATS are common practice, therefore, it is imperative to include keywords taken from the job description.

It is also advantageous for any HR candidate to demonstrate industry knowledge and any familiarity with legislation and regulations that are relevant to the sector and in general to HR.

HR resume examples are likely to be very handy when it comes to finding the right vocabulary to use to demonstrate a candidate’s skills or achievements in the HR field. It is extremely important that jobseekers looking for work in HR take special care with their resume vocabulary because the person hiring them could also be the person they will be working with in the future.

The following are some useful words and expressions to use in a customized HR resume.

Words to Use

  • Assessment
  • Health and Safety
  • Planning
  • Labor relations
  • Selection
  • Interviewing
  • Payroll
  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Professional Development
  • Training
  • Talent
  • Diversity
  • (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Negotiation
  • Budgeting

Action Verbs

  • Streamline
  • Integrate
  • Establish
  • Facilitate
  • Centralize
  • Analyze
  • Administer
  • Generate
  • Upgrade
  • Restructure
  • Resolve
  • Organize
  • Recognize
  • Devise
  • Identify
  • Lead

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Human Resource Generalist role:

Resume summary statement:
Supporting HR operations by recruiting and training new employees, designing and implementing strategies and company procedures with a bright outlook and open-door policy in women’s retail companies.

  • Encouraged team collaboration, significantly reducing rate of absences by 35%.
  • Recruited and trained employees of all levels including growth within own team.
  • Introduced employee manual and oversaw health and safety at work training annually.
  • Implemented employee benefit systems and sales target reward system.
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  • 7 years
  • Masters
    in Psychology
  • PHR
  • 10 years
    in retail industry

2. Candidate seeking Talent Acquisition Manager

Resume summary statement:

Exceptional intercultural knowledge within the recruitment industry, with 5 years of experience engaging with employees in different languages and locations. Responsible for the area of talent acquisition for specialist IT and construction project management fields.

  • Developed strong relationships with all managers across the board in order to find the best talent for each team, eliminating the need for recruitment agencies.
  • Reduced CTF (Cycle time to fill) by 55%.
  • Built team of 5 recruiters, continual training and updated frequently with employment news.
  • Posted all vacancies in various portals, maintaining across-the-board style and company culture.
  • 5 years
  • MA
    in HR Management
  • BA
    in Sociology
  • Fluent
    in 3 languages