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Helicopter Pilot Resume Tips and Ideas

Generally speaking, helicopter pilots fly helicopters. They perform duties such as creating flight plans, instructing passengers on safety procedures and inspecting aircrafts before flights. Each job however, has its unique specialty tasks that the pilot is supposed to fulfill. Prospective employers clarify these duties and responsibilities in the job description. This should act as your reference as you create your document. Emphasize the qualifications that make you the ideal fit for the position you want.

Indicate the type of aircraft you are familiar with. This will give employers an idea of the adjustment time you require to settle into the new job. Since pilots can never be too skilled, include all your training, licenses, and certificates. Special skills like an understanding of helicopter mechanical components will also boost your resume as will soft skills such as communication.

Creating a helicopter pilot resume from scratch can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our resume builder online and collection of templates can help you create your perfect resume in minutes.

Top Tips

  • The chronological resume format is recommended
  • Functional and combination resume formats are applicable in some cases
  • You should consider the following design features:
  • Font size and type
  • Margins
  • Section organization




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education history


  • Type of certified pilot’s license
  • Flight hours
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Physical fitness
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


The format of your resume will depend on your professional profile. A typical format is the chronological resume format. It features a reverse-chronological listing of your work experience and education sections. This format makes it easy for employers to follow your career trajectory.

Candidates with brief work histories can use a skill-based resume format or a combination resume format, which is a blend of chronological and functional resume format.

You can use a resume template if you are struggling with your layout.


Your resume is a sale tool. It is supposed to impress hiring managers to call you for an interview. Making an impression starts with a presentation. Resume design tells a lot about an applicant. Use it to portray your positive attributes. A winning helicopter pilot resume should be neat and well-organized. It should stand-out and catch the employer’s attention quickly.

The neatness of your resume will depend on your use of white space. Choose the right font size, use margins, and leave enough space between sections.

Save and send your document in PDF to maintain resume design and format.


A photo introduces several physical characteristics and attributes of an applicant, including race, gender, and faith. Most companies today will not review a resume with information that could expose them to a discrimination lawsuit based on age, appearance, religion, marital status, to name but a few. Including a photo in your resume may lead to its dismissal and is, as a result, not recommended.

Sections of a Resume

Use clearly labeled sections to give your helicopter pilot resume structure and flow. Key sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education history

Use additional resume sections to add some personal touch to your document. This includes sections that exhibit bonus qualifications that may be transferable to the position. Do not include a section that may portray a controversial belief or vie that could alienate potential employers. Additional sections you may use to supplement your resume are:

  • Type of certified pilot’s license
  • Flight hours
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Physical fitness

Resume Length

Your resume is not an autobiography. Try to keep it brief and to the point. You must only include information that is relevant to the job posting. If you have to go beyond one page, make sure that you have ample working experience to justify the extra page.

Helicopter Pilot Resume Section Headings

Start your resume with a header. The header features your name, location, and current contact details. Divide the rest of the document into sections using section headings and subheadings.

All sections in a helicopter pilot resume are important, but some carry more weight than others. Relevant sections that must be included in a helicopter pilot resume are work experience, skills, and training.

Work experience

Helicopter pilots are specialist aviators. They typically have some flying experience under their belt. The experience section should give hiring managers a glimpse of your past roles and achievements. Provide a chronological listing of your professional experience. Specify the companies you have worked for, positions you’ve held, and types of aircraft you have flown.

Indicate your flight hours and specify the activity, for example, combat or maintenance.


Helicopter pilots are highly skilled professionals. You do not have to list all your skills. Include the skills that are relevant to the job position, especially those listed in the job description. Use positive attributes such as organized, dependable, or skilled to accentuate your skills. You should also describe the level of your skills, whether it’s expert, proficient, or average.


The essential education qualification for a helicopter pilot is flight training at an approved school. Additional education qualifications such as diplomas or a bachelor’s degree are an added advantage. List the schools you attended and the certificates obtained. You can also mention any special recognitions and significant achievements you may have received.

You can also list your piloting licenses and certificates in this section.

Helicopter Pilot Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Resume vocabulary is very important as it may determine if your resume is approved or not. To get past applicant tracking systems, your resume must have the minimum required keyword density. Industry relevant buzzwords also play an important role in impressing hiring managers.

For maximum impact, use the same resume action words used in the job description. Examples of resume keywords you can use in your helicopter pilot resume include:

Words to Use

  • Aerodynamic
  • Airfoil
  • Blade
  • Centrifugal force
  • Clutch
  • Density attitude
  • Center of gravity
  • Feedback
  • Chord
  • Axis
  • Drag
  • Flare
  • Governor
  • Skids
  • Carioles effect
  • Disk

Action Verbs

  • Accelerate
  • Lift off
  • Deviate
  • Operate
  • Train
  • Hover
  • Comply
  • Pilot
  • Roger
  • Teeter
  • Evacuate
  • Launch
  • Flap
  • Rotate
  • Maneuver
  • Control

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Helicopter Pilot role

Resume summary statement: Dependable helicopter pilot with 10 years of flight experience and over 10,000 hours of flight time. Fully licensed to fly a range of helicopter models. Possess a strong understanding of flight systems.

  • Instructed flight school students on everything from aircraft maintenance to pre- and in-flight protocols
  • Taught both commercial and private pilot license courses
  • Successfully transported personnel and equipment for a Texas-based petroleum company
  • Piloted various helicopters including the HH-60 Pave Hawk as part of the 31st Rescue Squadron
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  • 10 years
    of flying experience
  • Certified
    Flight Instructor License
  • Commercial Pilot

2. Candidate seeking Helicopter Pilot job

Resume summary statement: Productive helicopter pilot with more than 6 years of experience flying helicopters. Clocked more than 900 combat flight hours. Successfully instructed more than 40 student-pilots.

  • Led more than 100 successful missions including 50 Combat Medical Evacuations
  • Trained several pilots and aircrew in the safe execution of helicopter missions
  • Attained IFR FAA and Commercial helicopter ratings
  • Contributed significantly in organizing the Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) program
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  • 6 years
    in the workforce
  • Bachelor of Science
    in Aerospace Engineering
  • Certified
    Helicopter Naval Operator

Last modified on December 19th, 2019

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