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Guest Service Representative Resume Tips and Ideas

Guest service representatives are highly in demand. They play a vital role in the daily operations of companies in the hospitality industry, influencing revenue directly and indirectly.

These professionals generally provide information about reservations, products, and services, and support for guests. According to the US bureau of labor statistics, the average entry-level requirement for a guest service rep is a high school diploma, and some employers may require no prior experience training.

A successful guest service rep must excel at communication and guest interactions. The capacity to work with computers and other communication equipments is a major advantage. Candidates with previous training also have a higher chance of being hired. However, most employers will provide short-term – two to four weeks on the job training once you’ve been hired.

Most importantly, you need a well-written and convincing resume that communicates your professional value to prospective employers. This guide provides insight, examples, and resume templates to get you started.

You can also utilize our online resume builder for a turnkey approach to guest service rep resume writing.

Top Tips

  • Chronological resume format is the recommended resume format.
  • Utilize professional resume templates

Consider the following resume design tips:

  • Avoid using word processors
  • Choose fonts wisely
  • Use a professional color scheme
  • Consistent margin and spacing
  • Use bullet points
  • No tables and graphical elements
  • Mobile friendly design




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skills


  • Training
  • Licenses
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 letter page (8.5” × 11”)


The recommended resume format for a guest service rep resume is the chronological resume format. You should begin by introducing your resume with a career or resume summary. Your professional experience and educational achievements should be listed in reverse-chronological order.

A guest service rep resume template can save you the trouble of researching formats and structuring your resume content by yourself.


Standing out in a sea of resume is the eventual result of implement several pro resume writing tips and ideas. Considering resume design is a recommendation in guest service rep application, you can take advantage of a unique resume design to differentiate yourself from competition.

A qualified candidate with a well-designed resume has better chance at the job in comparison with another equally qualified candidate with a less appealing resume. The extra effort makes a lot of difference.

In light of this, you should consider the following resume design tips to help you design a winning guest service rep resume:

  • Avoid designing your resume with word processor programs
  • Prioritize readability and choose your fonts wisely
  • Choose a professionally acceptable color scheme, and be consistent in your use of color
  • Ensure consistent margin and spacing
  • Use short but powerful words and bullet points
  • Avoid using tables and graphical elements
  • Opt for a mobile friendly design


It’s illegal to consider physical appearances in the hiring decision, especially in the US and UK. Thus, experts recommend that you should not include your photo in a resume.

Sections of a Resume

All guest service resume must have the same formal resume sections at the core. But candidates may choose to include or leave out certain professional information of choice that is optional. The following are the required and optional resume sections to include in your resume in respective order.

Required guest service rep resume sections:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skills

Optional guest service representative resume sections:

  • Training
  • Licenses
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

The recommendation for a guest service representative resume length is one letter page. By making prudent use of space and the right font size, most guest service rep candidates can fit their valuable professional information in a letter page quite well.

Guest Service Representative Resume Section Headings

The most important sections in a guest service representative candidate’s resume are skills, experience, and education sections. It is a challenging position which requires a combination of education that prepares the candidate for the role, experience which affords the candidate the needed confidence, and skills to ensure the candidate has the capacity to take action.


Bagging a guest service rep position involves a lot of training, either before or post-employment. The position requires series of acquired skills that will come in handy in your daily interaction with guests.

Key skills required of a guest service representative include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Versatility and multitasking
  • Positive attitude
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to details

Work experience

Beyond the skills, experience builds professional confidence in the candidate’s abilities. Having successfully handled several customers in different organizational settings, and tending to their requests, employers find it reassuring you will be able to handle a similar position in their organization.

To employers, your experience implies you have developed a sufficient threshold for pressure, and you can handle the challenges that come with the position.

Your experience section should focus on your accomplishments in your previous positions instead of your routines. The section should also include names of establishments or employers and years of employment, all listed in reverse-chronological order.


Organizational standards define the educational requirements for guest service reps. Thus, it varies from employer to employer. Most employers will only require a high school diploma while other establishments may not provide details of any educational requirements.

We recommend that you research your employer’s requirement and tailor your resume to their specific needs.

Similar to the experience section, educational achievements in a guest service rep resume should be listed in reverse-chronological order.

Additional trainings and relevant courses you have undergone should be listed under the training and certifications headings to maintain clarity.

Guest Service Representative Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Every profession has a vocabulary from which practitioners can choose the words to converse with. These words recur, both in professional settings and in general conversations. Similarly, these words should reflect in job applications and candidate resumes.

This is common knowledge among guest service representative recruiters, and it has become a standard to implement these guest service representative keywords as resume filters in ATS systems.

To reassure your employers and slip through ATS filters, you should embed the following guest service representative resume action verbs and power words in your resume.

Words to Use

  • Arrival
  • Guest service
  • Payment processing
  • Food sanitation
  • Check-ins
  • Guest
  • Maintenance
  • Server
  • Reservations
  • Complaints
  • Housekeeping
  • Policy
  • Conflict
  • Hospitality
  • Concierge
  • Menu Planning

Action Verbs

  • Administer
  • Support
  • Resolve
  • Introduce
  • Deliver
  • Welcome
  • Initiate
  • Register
  • Assign
  • Coordinate
  • Communicate
  • Advise
  • Inform
  • Diffuse
  • Clarify
  • Guide

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking guest service representative position

Resume summary statement:

Experienced guest service representative with over eight years of experience and a commendable track record. A goal-oriented individual with a drive to achieve optimum guest satisfaction at all time.

  • Helped with complains and provided answers to inquiries
  • Took customer orders on phone and documented customer requests for reference
  • Provided timely information regarding the company’s products and service offerings
  • Maintained a professional and positive attitude towards customers at all time.
build your resume
  • 8 years
  • High school
  • Award
    employee of the year
  • Trained
    guest service representative

2. Candidate seeking guest service representative position

Resume summary statement:

Dedicated guests service representative with a proven ability to establish and manage rapport with guests. Committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and the overall success of the company.

  • Managed phone and email customer inquiries about service packages and delivery
  • Managed customer conflicts and resolved pending customer complaints
  • Provided accurate and comprehensive documentation of inbound phone calls
  • Managed junior guest service representatives, providing the needed guidance and mentoring
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  • 3 years
  • Bachelors degree
    in hospitality
  • Bilingual
    English and German

Last modified on May 12th, 2020

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