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Grocery Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

A grocery manager works in grocery stores, managing inventory, grocery display, staff management, and other store operations. As the grocery manager, your responsibilities will span management and technical aspects of the grocery store, including:

  • Recruiting and training grocery store staff
  • Vendor liasing and relationship management
  • Overseeing grocery display and preservation
  • Customer management and complain resolution.

The educational requirement for the grocery manager position is basic. But, previous managerial experience and astute resume writing are essential to land a job in this competitive profession.

We encourage you to make wise use of all resume writing resources including resume samples, templates, and applicable resume writing tips. Our online resume builder is another resume writing resource for building powerful resumes.

Top Tips

  • The ideal format for a grocery manager is the functional resume format
  • Take advantage of grocery manager resume templates in structuring resume content

Consider the following design instructions:

  • Use a professionally acceptable color scheme
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Legible fonts
  • Intuitive design layout
  • Consistent margin and spacing
  • PDF format




  • Contacts information
  • Resume objective/summary
  • Working experience
  • Education background
  • Skills


  • Awards and Honors
  • Volunteer work done
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Language
Resume Length

1 letter page (8.5” × 11”)


A grocery manager position is one of the few management positions that utilize the functional resume format. This is because the position emphasizes your relevant skills and achievements over education.

Generally, the resume format begins with the resume summary or objective, then skills section, work experience and corresponding achievements, and education section respectively.

We recommend that you get a good grasp of the resume format before proceeding. Our online resume builder and grocery manager resume templates are your best bet if you have a short application deadline or no time to write your resume from scratch.


Resume design is allowed when applying to grocery management positions. However, discretion is advised. Your resume design should abide by certain resume design conventions to avoid stirring the wrong impression.

The following are resume design guides you should observe:

  • Avoid using a word processor when designing your grocery manager resume
  • Choose legible fonts only
  • Consistent and professionally acceptable color scheme
  • Ensure consistent margin and spacing
  • Ensure your resume design is mobile-friendly
  • Submit in PDF format


A standard grocery manager’s resume has no use for a photo. The hiring process is entirely independent of physical appearance. Therefore, you shouldn’t include a photo in your resume.

Sections of a Resume

Your grocery manager resume should be written as a “modular whole”. An aggregate of individual well-written resume sections, each adding a bit more of your professional information. Each section should lead the reader to the next section, and towards the eventual conclusion that you are the best candidate for the job.

To leave your recruiters impressed, first, you should structure your resume to include the standard requirements, and then carefully select the best and most relevant optional sections that can differentiate your resume.

The following are the required sections for a grocery manager resume:

  • Contacts information
  • Resume objective/summary
  • Working experience
  • Education background
  • Skills

Below are the optional resume sections you can add to influence your prospective employers, and drive home your point:

  • Awards and Honors
  • Volunteer work
  • Conferences / seminars
  • Language

Resume Length

A grocery manager resume should be one or two pages long. Most candidates belong to the one-page long category, with the exception of candidates with over ten years of relevant experience. Such candidates are encouraged to use two letter-size pages.

Readability should be prioritized over resume length.

Grocery Manager Resume Section Headings

In most cases, recruiters come across your resume before you get to convince them in person. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you carefully select, refine, and include the most valuable professional information in your resume. In grocery manager applications, education, skills, and work experience sections add the most value to your chances of getting hired.


The chosen candidate will be juggling series of tasks that require literacy and basic mathematical skills. Bearing that in mind, your employer will expect candidates should have a basic educational requirement to qualify. For most employers, that would be a high school diploma. Candidates with the higher academic qualification will be given precedence, especially in a relevant field.

You should list your educational qualifications in accordance with the reverse chronological order of arrangement.

Work experience

The grocery manager position is a management role. It requires a wide range of traits that are acquired and perfected over the years.

By listing your work experience in reverse chronological order, you will be showing your recruiters how you have transitioned through precursory positions while making impacts and acquiring the needed experience to excel in the new position.

Candidates who are changing career paths and those who have lower experience level are encouraged to use the combinational resume format. It diffuses the recruiter’s emphasis on previous work experience by prioritizing the candidate’s valuable skills.


The skills section in the grocery manager resume is sensitive, especially if your experience section is sparse. The section conveys your abilities that are related to the current job application. In effect, telling your recruiter what you are capable of doing.

You can expect your prospective employer will be looking out for relevant skills such as:

  • Management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Inventory management skills
  • Computer literacy

Grocery Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Using resume keywords and resume action verbs can help you to gain your employer’s attention. The right resume keywords will paint a picture of you as a professional in your field and help you stand out from competition.

Another reason why you should take your resume keywords seriously is that grocery manager positions get an enormous amount of job applications. As a result, your employers are likely to implement ATS systems in filtering out under-qualified candidates. The ATS technology uses job-specific keywords and resume action verbs as search criteria. Therefore, candidates who disregard resume keywords are likely to have difficulties making it past the automated systems.

The following are well-researched keywords to include in your grocery manager resume to get an edge over other candidates.

Words to Use

  • Merchandise
  • Inventory tools
  • Shifts
  • Regulations
  • Vendor
  • Cash register
  • Merchandising standards
  • Management
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Customer service standards
  • Storage
  • Store display
  • Grocery staff
  • Feedback
  • Sanitation

Action Verbs

  • Negotiate
  • Motivate
  • Report
  • Schedule
  • Facilitate
  • Prevent
  • Supervise
  • Resolve
  • Enforce
  • Liaise
  • Educate
  • Monitor
  • Evaluate
  • Assign
  • Allocate
  • Assist

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking grocery manager position

Resume summary statement:

Experienced and energetic grocery manager who has strong interpersonal and communication skills. Highly proficient in assessing customer needs and inventory management.

  • Managed stock and coordinated grocery ordering processes
  • Collaborated with the sales team to develop and implement strategies aimed at improving revenue and client retention.
  • Established new standards to improve sales including during off-seasons
  • Facilitated smooth interdepartmental communication and cooperation
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  • 5 Years
  • Bachelor degree
    in business administration
  • Experienced
    grocery manager
  • Certified
    project manager

2. Candidate seeking grocery manager position

Resume summary statement:

A dedicated manager with strong leadership skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. A dedicated team player who thrives in challenging positions. Hoping to utilize the acquired skills in a suitable grocery store.

  • Provided timely and comprehensive reports for the store manager’s use
  • Coordinated and educated junior employees on store practices
  • Communicated with customers, providing answers to inquiries about products and services
  • Managed overall store operations and directed junior grocery staff on designated tasks.
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  • 10 Years
  • Bachelor
    of science
  • Certified
    supply chain professional
  • Master’s
    of business administration