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Front Office Receptionist Resume Tips and Ideas

A front office receptionist handles administration tasks and manages the front office reception. They are also responsible for answering phone calls, sorting emails, and ensuring guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

They are often the first member of an organization any client will come in contact with, thus making the first impression on behalf of the company.

Although hiring requirements varies by employer and the nature of the organization you choose to work with, receptionists typically need a high school diploma and excellent communication skills to get hired.

To qualify as a candidate, your front office receptionist resume must correctly reflect the requirements mentioned above, among other things. This guide walks you through the steps to take in writing a winning front office receptionist resume.

Top Tips

  • The recommended resume format is the chronological format
  • You can use a front office receptionist resume template or our online resume builder to avoid mistakes.

Your resume design should abide by the following principles:

  • Use a professionally acceptable color scheme
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Legible fonts
  • Intuitive design layout
  • Consistent spacing and margin
  • PDF format




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective or summary
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills


  • Certifications
  • Languages
  • Voluntary work
Resume Length

1 letter page (8.5” × 11”)


The best resume format for front office receptionist position is the chronological resume format.


In such a competitive profession, candidates are encouraged to take advantage of every possible opportunity in showcasing their unique values, provided it is within professional ethics of job application. Your resume design is one such opportunity.

If done correctly, resume design doubles as a tool to influence the employer’s impression of you, and to stand out from the competition. The following are some resume design best practices:


A photo is not required in writing a front office receptionist resume, and so we do not recommend that you add one. It is a widely accepted practice to exclude the candidate’s picture from the resume. This is aimed at upholding a transparent hiring process that is not reliant on physical appearances.

Sections of a Resume

When writing a resume for any position, there are standard resume sections to choose from. The order of importance of these sections also differs for each profession. For a front office receptionist, the following sections are considered a requirement:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective or summary
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills

Other optional resume sections you can add to create a personalized resume are the following:

  • Certifications
  • Languages
  • Voluntary work

Resume Length

A standard front office receptionist resume should be just one page long. Most candidates who have resumes that are several pages long include a long list of work experiences and generic roles. The correct idea is to focus on your relevant contributions or achievements in those previous positions. However, if you need to include more valuable information after making responsible use of the first page, it’s okay to have a two-page long front office receptionist resume.

Front Office Receptionist Resume Section Headings

The individual requirement for each employer will vary depending on organizational values and the roles of a front office receptionist within the organization.

However, you can speculate your employer’s expectations given a clear job description, Based on our analysis of several job postings, the majority of employers prioritize the skills, experience, and education sections of a front office receptionist resume.


The front office receptionist position requires daily interaction with people who are important stakeholders to your employer. Therefore, your employers must consider certain interpersonal skills above other things in making the hiring decisions. Some of these critical skills include communication skills, customer service skills, integrity, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills.

Work experience

The front office receptionist is the prospective client’s first contact in any organization. Your employers understand that a competent receptionist can improve the company’s chances of lead conversion, and the converse is also true. Hence, they may not just take your word for it when it comes to competence level.

On the other hand, a record of relevant work experiences and accomplishments is the best reassurance for prospective employers.

Some employers do not specify a minimum front office experience. However, experience in a relevant field that requires the application of the same skills is necessary.

To add your experiences, list relevant work history in the experience section of your resume, following the recommended reverse chronological resume format. You should list the most recent work experiences first.


Academic requirements also vary from one employer to another. However, a minimum of reading and writing skills is consistent across employers.

Employers, who include responding to technical customer inquiries and complex reporting in the job description may require higher educational qualifications or a degree in specific fields.

Adding your educational information follows the same approach as the experience section.

Front Office Receptionist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

There are etiquettes, conducts, and attributes expected of a front office receptionist. These qualities are acquired in training and perfected over years of practice.

Front office receptionists have a level of composure that is dictated by their professional etiquette, and employers expect this should reflect constantly in their choice of words. Therefore, your resume is an opportunity to express the mastery of your craft long before your employers get to access you in person. You can achieve this by embedding front office receptionist resume power words in your resume.

The following are front office receptionist resume keywords and action verbs to include in your resume:

Words to Use

  • Appointment
  • Beverage
  • Clerical
  • Reservation
  • Guests
  • Inquiry
  • Routine
  • Check-in
  • Impression
  • Mail
  • Check-out
  • Clerical
  • Reception
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Bookkeeping

Action Verbs

  • Schedule
  • Distribute
  • Guide
  • Gather
  • Follow-up
  • Call
  • Answer
  • Inquire
  • Maintain
  • Inform
  • Operate
  • Validate
  • Greet
  • Record
  • Route
  • Prepare

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking front office receptionist position

Resume summary statement:

Energetic front office receptionist who is dedicated to professional excellence. A resourceful individual with extensive experience providing secretarial support and managing diverse office support roles.

  • Managed high volume phone calls and maintained an impressive 98% customer satisfaction level
  • Managed front office reception area by ensuring a clean welcome area for guests
  • Welcomed and greeted clients and executive guests to foster a friendly environment
  • Attended to guests’ needs and offered beverages when necessary
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  • 3 years
  • Bachelors degree
    in hospitality management
  • Certified
    professional receptionist (CPR)

2. An experienced candidate seeking front office receptionist position

Resume summary statement:

Adaptable and experienced front line receptionist who has extensive office operations and personnel management experience. An accomplished professional with competence spanning modern office technologies and tools.

  • Responded and addressed guest inquiries both in person and on phone
  • Managed the director’s calendar and guest appointments
  • Maintained a log of guest visits, employee activities, and sign out sessions.
  • Managed subscriptions and reported repairs needed in the front office to designated authorities.
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  • 5 years
  • High school
  • Award
    Employee of the year

Last modified on October 21st, 2020

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