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Professional Resume Samples for a Fast Food Worker

Fast Food Worker Resume Tips and Ideas

The job of fast food workers involves a variety of tasks; so, you don’t need special skill.

Presenting your ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-food establishment will put you ahead of the game. You’ll be responsible for serving customers, preparing food, preparing coffee, maintaining cleanliness in the restaurant, operating cooking equipment, disposing of waste, ordering supplies, and many other tasks.

Considering the variety of tasks involved, your resume should show that you have multiple competencies. Having good numeracy skills will help you in ordering supplies and managing stock. This goes hand in hand with basic literacy skills.

Paying attention to detail and having a customer service orientation will endear you to hiring managers who need staff dedicated to providing the best experience to clients through high-quality service.

Generally, the level of education required is a high school or general education diploma.

Above all, you should aim to fill up your resume with accomplishments.

Top Tips

  • Chronological format
  • Functional resume can be used if you lack work experience
  • Make key areas visible
  • Use clear fonts and ample spacing




  • Contact information
  • Objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Volunteer experience
  • Honors and awards
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


A chronological resume format is ideal if someone has previous experience relevant to the fast food worker job.

With the chronological resume format, your previous work experience takes center stage. It allows you to show just how successful you were at similar jobs before and what you achieved. With such a strong background, you can convince potential employers to hire you.

For entry-level workers, a functional resume format will do.

With a functional format, your resume focuses on the specific skills you have to offer. One effect it has is showing hiring managers that you know the kind of tasks you’ll be expected to do, and what it takes to do it. Make sure you highlight skills specifically related to the job description.

Ultimately, the format you use will depend on the aspects you know will have the best impact on employers.

We created an online resume builder to help you deal with such formatting issues, design considerations, and all the other details necessary to present an eye-catching resume.


A good resume design not only shows how professional you are but also ensures hiring managers take not of the key aspects.

You can make the critical parts to stand out by including icons, ample spacing and visible fonts. Putting the words in bold and using italics can give an interesting contrast that highlights specific aspects too


Don’t include photos in your resume. Such images can lead to bias in hiring processes. That’s why hiring managers don’t consider resumes with photos.

Sections of a Resume

The sections you place first should be based on what you consider your greatest strengths. If you have extensive experience, then give priority to your work history. If you lack such experience, but have excellent skills, give prominence to that instead.

These are the sections most candidates prioritize:

  • Contact information
  • Objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Adding optional sections can give you an edge over equally skilled or experienced candidates. Such sections include:

  • Volunteer experience
  • Honors and awards

Resume Length

A one letter page (8.5” x 11”) is sufficient for your fast food worker resume

Fast Food Worker Resume Section Headings

Even if you feel that you don’t have so much to write about in the sections of your resume, you can still produce a convincing profile that will get you hired. You can achieve this by figuring out the best way to describe your achievements and skills.

This guide will help you out.


The resume job objective will help you direct employers’ attention to the most valuable aspects of your resume. Before they get to read the rest of your resume or instead of having to go through your entire resume, they can figure out the key aspects that make you an absolute must-hire.

Therefore, you must think carefully about the specific issues to highlight on your resume objective.

If you want to highlight the successful experience you’ve had, make sure you’re not just writing about the tasks you handled in your previous jobs. Those are likely the same tasks that hundreds or thousands of other workers handle daily. What will set you apart is what you achieved in those past jobs.

In other instances, you may want to highlight your skills since you don’t have previous experience. In this case, think about the transferable skills that come from other experiences you’ve had but can be applied to the job of a fast food worker.

Work experience

When presenting work experience on resumes, some job seekers tend to write about random past roles in the jobs they had. Such functions don’t give much detail as to what makes you better than other fast food workers.

Instead, you should focus on the roles that show your unique ability.

Maybe due to your leadership skills and teamwork ability, you were given extra duties also to supervise other fast food workers in your previous establishment. Did you go out of your way to fulfill other responsibilities that were not within your fast food worker job description? Highlight such extras, which will make you stand out.

Most of all, you should present all this information in a clear and easy to understand manner. Always be direct. Using flowery language can confuse hiring managers who may not readily know what you mean.


Your resume skills are your key selling point if you lack previous work experience.

Even when you have previous work experience, your skills show how useful you are. It can be the deciding factor that makes hiring managers prefer you over someone else with similar work experience.

What you should consider before including any skill in your resume is how relevant and vital it is to the specific fast-food work.

To avoid including skills that have less relevance to the job, you should first write down as many possible skills as you can. Then, rank them based on the most useful to the least important. Eventually, pick only the ones that will give your resume a significant impact.

One more thing you should do when writing down your skills is indicate how proficient you are in the specific skill, as well as the particular situations those skills can apply. For instance, if you include communication, you can indicate that you’re excellent at it and that it applies to internal staff communications. Hence, you’ll write something like “excellent internal communication”

Fast Food Worker Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Being clear and to the point is the key to grabbing the attention of hiring managers. You should never try to fill up your resume with unnecessary words just to give the impression that you have immense value. Using fewer and more powerful words will have a much bigger impact..

Words to Use

  • POS operation
  • Grillmaster 500 maintenance & use
  • Multilingual
  • Teamwork
  • People skills
  • Deep fryer
  • Welcoming
  • Accurate
  • Safety consciousness
  • Communication
  • Cooking techniques
  • Math
  • Restaurant intercom operation
  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Procedures

Action Verbs

  • Prepare
  • Upsell
  • Clean
  • Ensure
  • Communicate
  • Operate
  • Train
  • Count
  • Take orders/payments
  • Cook
  • Problem solve
  • Assist
  • Serve
  • Handle
  • Manage
  • Stock

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Fast Food Worker position

Hardworking Fast Food Worker with 2 years experience offering outstanding customer service. Seeking to provide quality service at Burgers Fast Foods with flexible scheduling (available for evening and weekend shifts).

  • Processed and filled customer food orders
  • Quickly and accurately prepared specialty dishes
  • Operated credit card machine and cash register in processing customer payments
  • Upheld sanitation and safety standards
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  • 2 years
  • Skills
    Inventory management
  • Certifications
    Knowledge in HACCP, OSHA, and workplace safety

2. Candidate seeking Fast Food Worker position

Passionate Fast Food Worker with 1 year experience serving customers via drive-thru and fast food outlets. Seeking to provide exemplary service at T & T Place through precise, fast and friendly service.

  • Accountable for daily cash register transactions worth over $1,000
  • Offered exceptional customer service to thousands of customers
  • Ensured customers are serviced quickly and properly
  • Maintained proper security of cash counter
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  • 1 year
  • Education
    Bachelor Of Arts

Last modified on October 30th, 2020

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