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E-commerce Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Enterprises have distinct priorities when it comes to resumes. Most of them demand self-assurance, remarkable confidence, tolerance to variable work hours, and specified skill sets. Therefore if your goal is to secure a position in e-commerce, you have to know that this is a very demanding role that requires a well targeted resume.

Since e-commerce is a thriving industry, you have to tailor your resume key strengths accordingly for you to be seriously considered. As an e-commerce manager, you are responsible for handling all the online sales of the company, and you have to create and maintain a strong image for the brand you are working for.

Your duties entail managing the system, improving user experience, encouraging online sales, and tracking all online transactions. Therefore IT skills, as well as sales proficiency, is a must for you to land your dream job.

In the following guide, you’ll learn what essentials need to be included on a professional e-commerce resume. If designing an eye-catching resume feels a little daunting, remember you can save time and create a great template with the help of a online resume builder. Use these tools with the guidelines below and you’ll be sure to impress the hiring manager.

Top Tips

  • A chronological resume model is ideal for an e-commerce role
  • A functional format can also be used but is not necessary
  • A combination format is best for people with employment gaps
  • Consider the following factors when writing your e-commerce manager resume:
  • PDF file format
  • Visually appealing
  • Relevance
  • Well organized and adequately spaced content
  • Titles and subheadings




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective/summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Hobbies and personal interests
Resume Length

1-2 x standard letter pages (8.5″ x 11″)


The format used to design an e-commerce manager resume solely depends on the organization. Most corporate organizations prefer a chronological resume that accentuates work experience in reverse chronological order with the most recent job on top.

Hiring managers usually focus on the resume skills and experience of an individual. In the case of an e-commerce manager, a targeted resume can also work very well. This model helps the applicant to write a resume that is relevant to what the prospective employer is looking for. The applicant will showcase the experience and accolades that matches exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.

To draw the hiring manager’s attention, you should write your resume with the clearest fonts, appropriate layouts and include a summary of what you can bring to the table. Be specific, make a compelling case to impress your prospective employer.

Online resume generators can help you design incredible resumes with the best formats. They have resume templates that can be tailored to your unique job requirements.


The roles of an e-commerce manager are vast. Their primary responsibility is to oversee and manage the e-commerce department of a company. The whole decision-making process, strategic online marketing, research and development, and more responsibilities will be in your hands.

Because of the important responsibilities involved in e-commerce management, your resume professional summary should explain plenty about your capabilities as a department head. The resume should be well organized, readable, and be able to convince the hiring manager that you are the best choice they’ve got.

Organize the content accurately and let every skill sell itself to the hiring manager. Include crucial information the employer is looking for and any other unique skills you’ll be bringing to the table. Ensure that the titles, spacing, subtitles, colors, and the rest of the details are relevant to the specifications of the job you are applying for.


An e-commerce manager resume does not need to have a photo of the applicant, particularly in the US. This is because US law prohibits employers from showing bias to a candidate based on visual appearance, race or gender. A photo on a resume could lead to accusations of discrimination and wary hiring managers may simply discard your resume rather than risk a lawsuit.

Sections of a Resume

E-commerce manager resumes should be well organized, with clearly arranged sections that provide deeper insights into the skills and experiences that give you an edge over other applicants. All the resume sections should complement one another. After mentioning a skill, the hiring manager would want to see how the skill was applied in your previous work experiences.

Make sure the sections interconnect. For example, your resume skills should reflect on the experience mentioned in your work experience section. Contradictory information will automatically disqualify you. The primary sections to be included in the e-commerce manager resume are:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Educational

Optional sections that could help the resume qualifications stand out include:

  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Hobbies and personal interests

Resume Length

The length of an e-commerce manager’s resume can be 1 to 2 letter pages according to your work experience. Generally speaking, your resume should remain short and concise so it’s better where possible to stick to just a single page. Remember, you’re only summarizing your experience not going too deep into detail.

E-commerce Manager Resume Section Headings

Work experience

As an applicant, you must convince the hiring manager that you have adequate e-commerce skills and experience that will do justice to the job. As you showcase your work experience, ensure you highlight all the additional knowledge and skills you gained from previous jobs.

In the work experience section, your responsibilities and achievements are quite as important as your previous employment. They show employers your capabilities and strengths. Be as specific as possible with your achievements and use numbers as much as you can in order to show how qualified you are for the position.


When preparing the skills section, be aware that hiring managers focus only on relevant skills related to the e-commerce manager position. The skills may be both hard and soft in nature, although a good mix of both is ideal to show you’re a good all-around candidate.

When indicating your critical resume skills in this section, you have to back them up with work experience. Hiring managers will link the two and will use this as evidence of your high proficiency in that particular skill.


E-commerce managers must have at least a degree in Marketing and IT skills in order to be in consideration for most jobs. This is because their work requires a blend of online sales and team-based interaction. Usually, resume education requirements are indicated clearly in the resume job description. If you possess additional educational qualifications, you will be at an advantage.

E-commerce Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

When writing a resume for an ecommerce manager role, it’s absolutely critical that you use as many industry specific keyphrases as you possibly can. These will not only show you have good, in-depth knowledge of the work in question and make your skills and achievements really stand out. It will also help you pass through any applicant tracking filters that scan resumes for these keywords.

Words to Use

  • Business
  • Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Google
  • Analytics
  • Consumer
  • Sales
  • Management
  • User-experience
  • Online
  • Paid Search
  • E-commerce
  • Transaction
  • Brand

Action Verbs

  • Sell
  • Market
  • Interact
  • Transact
  • Project
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Communicate
  • Convert
  • Engage
  • Increase
  • Lead generation
  • Optimize
  • Oversee
  • Merchandise
  • Maximize

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking E-commerce Manager role

Experienced and innovative E-commerce Professional with five years of experience in digital marketing. Goal-driven with expertise in streamlining and implementing e-commerce operations to ensure unprecedented business growth.

  • Organized high volume and fast-paced shipping environments
  • Worked with renowned B2B and B2C e-commerce vendors
  • Experienced in managing sales channels, updating e-commerce inventories, and using digital marketing
  • Built solid relationships with vendors to manage e-commerce technology partners
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  • 8 years
  • Master
    Sales & Marketing
  • Bachelor
    Business Management
  • Diploma
    Information Technology

2. Candidate seeking E-commerce Manager position

Data-driven e-commerce manager with a diverse skill set and vast experience managing multiple projects.

  • Managed operations to ensure smooth and profitable e-commerce back-end operations
  • Managed Google PLA feeds, SEO, and PPC campaigns
  • Collaborated with developers and designers to overhaul website and brand image
  • Led an efficient e-commerce advertising venture and achieved competitive cost over sales results
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  • 5 years
  • Bachelor Degree
    Computer Science Information Systems and Management
  • Diploma
    Business Management
  • Bachelor