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Professional Resume Samples for a Dump Truck Driver

Dump Truck Driver Resume Tips and Ideas

The job of dump truck drivers is to ferry loose dumping material using dump trucks usually with hydraulic operation and an open box bed. Dumping material may include rocks, sand, dirt, gravel, filth, etc. In addition to transporting waste materials, the drivers may be required to physically load the truck. Other responsibilities for the position include cleaning and maintaining the truck, verifying material weight, working with other equipment operators among others.

Handling these responsibilities requires a special skill-set as well as a meaningful experience. Capable dump truck drivers must have a range of technical, physical, and mental skills. Tailor your resume to target the specific job that you are applying to. Impress potential employers by including all the skills and experiences that make you the perfect fit for the position being advertised.

You may have all the right skills and experience, but if you can’t present them in an informative and eye-catching resume, you will not proceed to the interview phase of recruitment. Use our resume builder online and have your personalized, professional dump truck driver resume ready in minutes.

Top Tips

  • The chronological resume format is recommended
  • You can also use functional and combination resume formats

Consider the following design features of your resume:

  • Font size and type
  • Section organization
  • Color selection
  • Columns and bulleted points




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education history


  • Type of certified driver’s license
  • Awards received
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Physical fitness
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


Choose the best resume format for your dump truck driver resume. Your choice of format should be informed by your career profile, but the chronological resume format is favored by hiring managers. The reverse-chronological format arranges your qualifications in order by date, making it easy for recruiters to comprehend the flow of your resume.

Skill-based formats are perfect for candidates with gaps in their employment history.

Use our resume templates to get the perfect layout for your resume. To avoid distorting your resume format, save and send your resume in PDF form.


A visually appealing resume can get you called for an interview. Most recruiters spend a few seconds on each resume. This is barely enough time to consider a candidate’s qualifications. Thanks to applicant tracking systems, hiring managers only receive the most relevant resumes from candidates with almost similar qualifications. To sort the wheat from the chaff, recruiters consider seemingly small details such as resume design.

Make good use of white space, columns, bullets, subheadings, and other design features to produce an elegant, formal resume.


Photos are not mandated in dump truck driver resumes. Unless asked to, do not include your photo in your resume. It may get your resume disqualified.

Sections of a Resume

Organize your resume into clear, concise sections. Leave enough space between different sections and label them using appropriate subheadings. A dump truck driver resume has the following mandatory resume sections:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education history

You are advised to include extra sections in your resume to give it depth. Extra sections can complement your basic qualifications and give you an advantage over your fellow job seekers. Additional sections to include in your dump truck driver resume are:

  • Type of certified driver’s license
  • Awards received
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Physical fitness

Resume Length

Effective dump truck driver resumes are short and to the point. Endeavor to convince potential employers of your suitability for the job in as few words as possible. At the end of the day, the length of your resume will be commensurate to the length of your professional profile. Candidates with plenty of work experience are allowed to have long 2-3 page resumes.

Dump Truck Driver Resume Section Headings

Not all sections of a dump truck driver resume are created equal. Some carry more weight than others. The three crucial resume sections your resume must have are resume summary, skills, and work experience.


After you have provided your updated contact details, you must then introduce your resume with a captivating resume summary. A resume summary is like an elevator pitch. It should be short and precise, focusing on your most relevant selling points. It should be a 4-5 sentence long rundown of your most remarkable achievements and skills that make you the best candidate for the position.

Use an attention-grabbing adjective to describe your job title. State your work experience, followed by a snapshot of your skills and most notable career achievements. You can also briefly share your vision for the position if you are using a resume objective statement.


Safe driving skills, teamwork, time-management, coordination, resilience, excellent communication skills, and problem-solving are some of the key skills required of a dump truck driver. To get the most out of your skills section, you need to list the same skills provided in the job description. You must also use examples of your skills in action. Recruiters will be better convinced that you possess certain skills if they are demonstrated in your previous jobs.

Work experience

Good drivers are experienced drivers, and it is no different for dump trucks. Employers will prefer candidates with some level of experience under their belt. To make the most of this section, provide details of your experience. For example, you can specify which type of vehicles you have driven and for how long.

Include your safety record for the period you’ve been a dump truck driver.

Dump Truck Driver Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Make use of resume vocabulary to add relevance to your resume. Perfectly placed resume keywords will qualify your resume as it goes through an applicant tracking system software or in the eyes of hiring managers.

Make sure you use the same buzzwords used in the job description. You can also add some action words relevant to your industry.

Words to Use

  • Cargo
  • Haul
  • Lift axle
  • Box bed
  • Freight
  • Route
  • Retarder
  • Odometer
  • Log book
  • Carrier
  • Dead heading
  • Operations record
  • Manifest
  • Load
  • Delivery
  • Cab

Action Verbs

  • Verify
  • Fill
  • Stock
  • Operate
  • Pickup
  • Deliver
  • Load
  • Transport
  • Conduct
  • Drive
  • Repair
  • Perform
  • Maintain
  • Clean
  • Coordinate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking dump truck driver role

Accomplished truck driver with more than 6 years of experience as a truck driver. Well versed with truck maintenance and service. Skilled in operating heavy vehicles, including front-end loaders, excavators, and forklifts.

  • Conducted daily truck inspections and submitted timely reports to the relevant office
  • CSuccessfully mentored four employees under my direct supervision
  • CEnsured proper use and storage of all equipment used in loading and offloading of the truck
  • CAdhered to the state’s safe dump transportation guidelines
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  • Experience
    6 years
  • Certified
  • Education
    High school diploma

2. Candidate seeking dump truck driver role

Certified heavy truck driver with more than 10 years of experience driving dump trucks and trailers. Possess Class A certified driver’s license. 100% safety record throughout my entire career. Proven time management ability.

  • Delivered goods on time and in perfect quality
  • Carefully planned travel routes accounting for traffic, and cargo transportation regulations, guidelines, laws, and standards
  • Diligently conducted pre and post inspections of the truck logging all findings in adherence to company policies
  • Maintained a safe working environment during loading and offloading
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  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    High school diploma
  • CDL
    Class A license

Last modified on March 4th, 2020

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