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Doctor Resume Tips and Ideas

As a doctor, you have probably gone through over eight years of rigorous training, and on completion of med school you will be armed with a sharp mind and ample knowledge to carve yourself a niche in the complex world of healthcare. You can now start your internship, residency or even go on to your fellowship, depending on the job you are applying for.

Being a doctor is one of the most respected and extensive career choices around, and to get yourself into that dream program or hospital, you will need to build a CV that will clearly portray your accrued educational qualifications and ability to work under intense pressure, plus the relevant diagnostic, analytical and communication skills and values like empathy.

Your resume is the only bridge between you and the hiring manager or department head at your chosen hospital, so make it count. You can use online resume template, tips and guidelines to help you write an impressive resume in minutes.

Top Tips

  • A reverse chronological layout is highly recommended
  • Neat Resume layout
  • Formal resume fonts and font sizes
  • Resume bullets and subheadings
  • Columns
  • Minimalist colors to improve resume appearance




  • Contact information
  • Education background
  • Work history
  • Relevant certifications
  • Additional training
  • Research publications and history


  • Hobbies and Interests
Resume Length

1 x letter page (8.5” x 11”)


A reverse chronological order is the most preferred format of all resume formats as it ensures that the first thing your hiring manager will spot is your professional work history. This enables them to quickly track your career progress and garner talking points for your interview.

When using this format to structure your resume, you start with your most recent work stints then go on to the older ones, then on to your relevant certifications, training, research stints, then your education. It is important to note, though, that your education will also be important in your doctor’s resume, so indicate it.


Have a neat, well-organized resume layout, with all your relevant information arranged in columns to make it fit in the one page, and using resume subheadings and bullets for each section. Remember, your hiring manager also gets a glimpse of your organization skill from your resume, so be keen while structuring it.

Additionally, be sure to use resume fonts Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri in sizes 11-13. You can use colors in dark hues to add some personality and appeal to your resume, but do not overdo it as the resume is a formal document and should reflect a professional attitude.


While applying for a doctor’s position, a picture is rarely required. This is because discrimination law in the US is very strict and employers won’t wish to favor a resume that could indicate a bias towards physical appearance, gender or race.

Sections of a Resume

The following information is crucial on a doctor’s resume and should be include on your resume at the very minimum:

  • Contact information
  • Education background
  • Work history
  • Relevant certifications
  • Additional training
  • Research publications and history
  • Resume professional summary

Some hiring managers may want to see your hobbies and interests to get an idea of your personality. Additionally, you should indicate all relevant volunteer medical work you’ve done to fill up your work experience sections if you are a graduate fresh out of college.

Resume Length

1 letter page is the recommended length for a resume. This is because a hiring manager will take less than a minute to scan through your document in order to determine your suitability for the job and will likely ignore subsequent pages.

Doctor Resume Section Headings


The medical profession is one of the few occupations that places a great deal of importance on the quality of your education and where you received your medical degree. This is especially true if you are a fresh graduate looking for an internship and have little experience.

Moreover, your hiring manager will associate the quality of your training with your proficiency in various responsibilities as a doctor. You must clearly and accurately show the degrees and courses you have pursued, the name of your college and year of graduation. If you have a sky-high GPA from a top-tier school, leverage that to get you an edge over other applicants.

Certifications & courses

You must also include all the board certifications and licensures, along with the dates and places you rightfully obtained them from. If you don’t include any evidence of these qualifications and authorizations to practice, it is quite likely your resume will end up in the trash. You must show that you are a fully registered doctor, worthy of the trust that you have been given.

Work experience

Did you do your residency via a prestigious program or in a prestigious hospital? If so, be sure to indicate this, plus a maximum of eight bulleted points detailing your roles and achievements. Use specific resume action verbs to specify these roles and achievements to make them stand out in your recruiters scrutinizing eye.

The medical profession is vast, and thus, you need to define your roles to fit the specific job you are applying for. Since your work history is the indicator of the value you will bring to the clinic, use this section to emphasize your unique strengths and skills that are relevant for the position you are applying for.

Doctor Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The following words will help you write your professional summary and work experience in a more specific and eye-catching way. Remember, that the hiring manager may not be a medical practitioner, so do not write overwhelming medical jargon on your resume.

Words to Use

  • Referrals
  • Medication
  • Residency
  • Surgery
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Patient concerns
  • Major and minor procedures
  • MCAT scores
  • Specialities
  • Emergency
  • Tests and lab results
  • Management of acute and chronic illness
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Trauma
  • Patient medical history and records

Action Verbs

  • Prescribed
  • Listened
  • Addressed
  • Mentored
  • Managed
  • Assisted
  • Referred
  • Conducted
  • Treated
  • Diagnosed
  • Supervised
  • Interpreted
  • Collaborates
  • Consulted
  • Evaluated
  • Guided

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Doctor position

Highly competent and personable doctor with five years of experience in proper diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in patients. Excellent communication skills that facilitate proper and more accurate diagnosis and leadership abilities in mentoring and teaching interns to become better doctors.

  • Conducted physical examination on patients in the emergency room to determine cause of illness and create patient medical history
  • Interpreted laboratory test results and guided patients using relevant information to help them decide on their course of treatment
  • Learned how to interact with and work with other members in the medical teams, including anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nurses.
  • Attended medical seminars and conferences to remain abreast on all new medical technologies and procedures and improve my capacity as a doctor
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  • Medical Degree
  • 7 years
  • Skilled
  • Experienced

2. Candidate seeking Doctor position

Diligent second-year resident doctor with an in-depth knowledge of surgical procedures and the ability to act fast during medical emergencies to ensure quick delivery of necessary treatment.

  • Listened to and made diagnosis, administered treatment and special medical care to over twenty patients daily
  • Conducted several minor surgical procedures and assisted my attending doctor during natural childbirth
  • Updated and maintained all pre and post-operative patients’ medical charts and records to ensure effective treatment
  • Built relationships with patients that were based on trust to reduce anxiety and help them feel at ease.
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  • Medical
  • 2 years
  • Resident
  • Surgical

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