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Director of Information Technology Resume Tips and Ideas

Excelling in your job search for an IT Director role means having an almost bulletproof director of information technology resume. Business computing and enterprise system management is an ever changing industry and companies from all sectors are eager to hire reliable and capable IT professionals to run their operations.

This is a cornerstone profession that can greatly impact the success or failure of businesses. Additionally it can also command some of the highest salaries around. Therefore a robust resume is a must.

To help you get just what recruiters want to see on paper and structure the document so it gets results simply use the following guide. It explains the dos and don’ts of getting a director of IT resume right and gives a 360º view of what helps a professional application on its way to success. To save time and effort simply use these tips along with our online resume creator and create a bio that really does the business.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological
  • Avoid graphics and illustrations
  • Choose a clean communicative template
  • Write in legible 12 point font
  • Break up long texts into bullet points




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Certifications and courses
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1-2 x letter pages (8.5” x 11”)


IT directors need to demonstrate around 5-10 years of experience on their resume to be in contention for jobs of this nature. Therefore you should select a resume format that focuses on your work history first and foremost.

It’s therefore worthwhile to use a reverse chronological resume format. The biggest advantage of this type of document is that it places your most recent and relevant experience as close to the top of the page as possible. Additionally, it allows candidates to express their professional knowledge in a lot more detail than other options.


How you design your director of information technology resume can make a big difference. Nevertheless, avoid the temptation to overdesign the document. Avoid excessive graphical features and elaborate fonts. These will at best make the document cluttered and harder to read and at worst could deoptimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) filters.

Seek instead to select a clean and tidy template that allows enough space between each section and that keeps the information easy to skim read. The readability can be greatly enhanced by writing in a clear, legible font. In this regard old favorites like Times New Roman and Arial still work best. Using more generic typefaces also makes it much easier for ATS to read and process your document.

Finally, to avoid wordy and long paragraphs, break up the details about your skills and work history into easy-to-scan bullet points. This will make it much simper for a recruiter to find and pick out your most hirable achievements from all the information.


In most situations, a photo of your professional headshot is not required on your resume. Recruiters in the US, Canada and the UK will not expect this nor make it a prerequisite. However, if you’re applying for a role in France, Germany or Spain a profile picture on the page is something recruiters will want to see and should be included.

Sections of a Resume

The hiring criteria of the job and the specific qualifications and skills you’ve earned over the years can have a big effect on the sections you need for your resume.

The segments you choose give you the biggest assist with organizing all the correct information on the page and can have a big influence on what gets emphasized and what doesn’t. However, at the very least of all, recruiters will want to see:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Of course, to mark yourself out as unique, there are further details that should be included. To make sure you excel, you should aim to include at least 1 or 2 of the following sections:

  • Certifications and courses
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

To give your resume the edge it needs to stand out, don’t let it get too long. Lengthy resumes are less likely to be read in their entirety and could be discarded entirely if the recruiter has dozens of resumes to assess. Instead try to keep the page down to just a single letter page and don’t let it run beyond 2 pages.

Director of Information Technology Resume Section Headings

To make your resume stand out from the very go, you should try to hook the reader right from the start. To do this, it’s best to include a resume objective statement at the top of the page.

This short paragraph should include some of your most employable details to immediately grab the attention of the hiring manager. It’s wise to have a quick review of the job advert to match the skills you have with the desired capabilities for the job. By giving the recruiter immediately what they’re looking for you’re much more likely to get called in for an interview.

Work experience

As mentioned previously, your work experience section is going to be the part of your application under the most scrutiny. You should be able to demonstrate 5-10 years of relevant IT experience and focus this part of the document on the relevant and recent roles that attest to this.

When you begin listing previous jobs, make certain that you include the following details:

  • Your job title at the company
  • The name and location of your current or former employer
  • The dates you were hired between
  • Your roles and responsibilities whilst in the role

When writing about the tasks you performed in your current and previous jobs, try to focus on the KPIs you met and the key responsibilities you were charged with. For a role such as an IT director, that means planning budgets successfully, maintaining the functionality of company systems and ensuring technology in the company remains fully up to date.


It’s safe to say that being a director of IT is a highly skilled role. Your resume skills section needs to be filled with a broad range of abilities that show you can run a team, understand a variety of different systems and coding languages and also train staff in correct procedures and practices.

To help your resume on the course to success, you should aim to include one or more of the following (depending on what the role requires):

Hard skills:

  • Logistics
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Server networks
  • Python
  • Energy efficiency
  • Presentation skills
  • Staff management
  • JavaScript
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Management information systems
  • Talent acquisition
  • C++
  • Crisis Management
  • Data protection

Soft skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • People skills
  • Leadership
  • Reliability


You will need a good education section in order to get picked out for a technological role such as this. Whilst it is possible to work your way up with only High School level qualifications, employers will be primarily on the look out for a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, Computing, IT or another focused discipline in the field of computers.

Certifications & courses

In addition to demonstrating good academic qualifications recruiters will be looking for professional qualifications that show up to date knowledge on company systems and infrastructure. Employers will ideally want to see certification from CompTIA, Microsoft, Apple or Oracle.

Director of Information Technology Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Being precise with your language is critical for an IT position. Employers will want to see the right competencies on your document to show that you have an in depth familiarity with most essential daily tasks and strategies. To do this you must ensure to get enough computing key phrases onto your resume.

This is also ever more important thanks to the rise of ATS. These filters often penalize documents that don’t use a high enough volume of suitable expressions and professional lingo. This can lead to your resume getting rejected as soon as you hit send and is a fate you should avoid at all costs.

Words to Use

  • Server
  • Labor management systems
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Code
  • VoIP
  • Protocol
  • Project management
  • Network delivery
  • Help desk
  • Security
  • C++
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Firewall
  • Management information systems
  • Energy efficiency

Action Verbs

  • Train
  • Design
  • Modify
  • Budget
  • Analyze
  • Lead
  • Direct
  • Strategize
  • Implement
  • Migrate
  • Plan
  • Introduce
  • Manage
  • Assess
  • Oversee
  • Present

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Director of Information Technology role

Seasoned Information Technology Director with excellent track record in management of intricate company IT systems and security.

  • Planned and strategized network upgrades to minimize company system downtime
  • Responsible for a team of 25 IT support staff assisting over 300 company employees
  • Worked with an annual IT budget of over $1.5 million
  • Manage IT infrastructure including WLAN, Cloud Systems, WAN and SAN
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  • 12 years
    experience in IT
  • BA Computing
  • MBA
  • Certificate

2. Candidate seeking an IT Director role

Expert IT professional with strong skills in leadership, efficient networking solutions and a focus on streamlining company processes and implementing stable data management systems.

  • Built and fostered a productive and friendly team environment
  • Created and presented an ambitious new spending plan to maintain company competitiveness in the market
  • Led a company wide refresh of essential security protocols, such as a network controls, improved firewalls and cloud security
  • Communicated essential systems changes and maintenance schedules to all personnel
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  • 6 years
    experience in IT
  • BA
    Information Science
  • Microsoft Certified