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Professional Resume Samples for a Counselor

Counselor Resume Tips and Ideas

Counselors help individuals or groups to reflect on thoughts, actions, and concepts in order to make informed descisions. They establish a relationship with the client, communicate, and keep records. Counseling may range from helping an individual to make life decisions to helping a corporation make business decisions.

Counselors work in a variety of settings. They may work one-on-one with clients in a private practice. They could work at a school, university, camp, medical center, rehabilitation center, or for a large corporation. Counselors are employed in many other locations as well.

Would you like to advance your career as a counselor? A professional resume is a good place to start. You can use the following resume writing tips and professional resume samples to create your counselor resume today.

Top Tips


A chronological resume format is recommended.


When designing your counselor resume, consider:

  • A professional appearance
  • Sections and headings
  • Margins




  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education


  • Certifications
  • Languages spoken
Resume Length

One page, letter size, 8.5 by 11 inches


A chronological resume format is recommended for professional career paths such as that of a counselor. The chronological resume begins with your contact information and a list of skills. Then, you will provide a list of your work experience and educational background in reverse-chronological order, that is, beginning with your most recent experience and working your way back.

Functional and combination resumes are not recommended for counselors due to the necessary emphasis on education and experience.


How should a counselor resume look? A professional appearance is vital. This can be easily accomplished by starting with an online resume template or by consulting one of our resume examples.

First, select your font. Use an easy to read 11 or 12-point font such as Arial or Calibri. Avoid unusual or fanciful fonts. Next, create your text sections. Begin each section with a heading such as “Experience,” “Education,” or “Skills.” Leave ample white space, or margins, around each section of text to maintain a neat appearance.


Generally, including a photo with your counselor resume is not advisable. In the United States, unsolicited resume photos could result in the rejection of your resume due to anti-discrimination laws. If applying to a position outside the United States, research common practices in that land.

Sections of a Resume

A number of sections are vital to every resume, including your counselor resume. These sections reveal to your hiring manager basic information about you, including your abilities and how to get in touch with you. These vital sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education

You can also provide additional information that may increase your value as a potential employee. Optional sections to consider include but are not limited to:

  • Certifications
  • Languages spoken

How do these sections help you? Consider: perhaps you have attained a number of certifications during your continuing education. Listing these proves your dedication and knowledge. Counselors are often required to hold a certificate in counseling. Or, perhaps you are fluent in a language other than English. This expands your potential client base and is an especially valuable trait amid a diverse economy.

Resume Length

Generally, your counselor resume should be limited to one page in length. If your qualifications will not fit on one page, you may increase the length to two pages.

Counselor Resume Section Headings

Choose 2-3 sections. The most important for the profession.

Your skills, education, and experience section should be the focus of your counselor resume.


The primary skills needed by counselors are “soft” skills. These include strong interpersonal and communication skills; good listening skills; a non-judgemental attitude; and a firm adherence to confidentiality.

Most counselors should also have an understanding of human psychology and sociology. When working with children, you should also familiarize yourself with relevant legal requirements. Computer proficiency is necessary for maintaining records and scheduling appointments.


Generally, counselors are required to hold a bachelor’s degree along with a certificate in counseling. The topic of the degree can vary widely. Counselors may choose to study psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, social work, or another social science. Some may have a medical background. Others may hold a degree specific to the field in which they work.

Work experience

Previous work experience as a counselor is ideal. However, you can likely highlight transferable skills in any previous experience. For example, retail work that involved customer service could be used to showcase good interpersonal and communications skills.

Counselor Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Before it ever reaches human hands, your counselor resume will likely be read, rated, and ranked by a computer program. Such programs are designed to look for specific resume keywords within your resume.

You can find potential keywords within the original job listing. You can also look at the company website or think of terms unique to your field. We’ve assembled the following list of common counselor resume vocabulary terms to help you get started.

When your resume is complete, be sure to proofread it thoroughly. Simple typos can hurt your credibility. Look for and correct any errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

Words to Use

  • Client
  • Issues
  • Lesson plans
  • Health
  • Informed decisions
  • Confidential
  • Individual counselling
  • Professional development
  • relationship
  • Program
  • Developmental process
  • Seminar
  • Counselling session
  • Guidance
  • Assistance
  • Safety

Action Verbs

  • Reflect
  • Decide
  • Help
  • Record
  • Inform
  • Cover
  • Note
  • Supervise
  • Counsel
  • Encourage
  • Notice
  • Structure
  • Establish
  • Talk
  • Maintain
  • Teach

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking camp counselor position…

Having worked in the field of art tutoring, I am uniquely qualified to double as both camp counselor and art instructor.

  • Taught individual students ranging from ages 8 to 80 in my studio and in their own homes, instructing in basic and advanced oil and acrylic painting techniques.
  • Volunteered with the Simpson County 4-H club, providing summer day classes in origami, kintsugi, and scrapbooking.
  • I attended this same summer camp for three summers as a child.
  • Numerous art awards are included in my attached portfolio.
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  • Experience
    7 years in the workforce
  • Bachelor’s degree
    Fine art
  • Associate’s degree
    liberal arts
  • Certified

2. Candidate seeking elementary school guidance counselor position…

An experienced and qualified guidance counselor who has worked with elementary and middle school students.

  • Prepared lesson plans and conducted weekly class sessions with students in each grade.
  • Partnered with the local health department to provide special courses on bullying and age-appropriate reproductive counseling via the Worth Waiting For program.
  • Conducted one-on-one counseling sessions with students in need, including their parents or guardians in the counseling process.
  • Prepared monthly reports for the school administration and met regularly with the principal, vice-principal, and teachers.
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  • Experience
    12 years
  • Bachelor’s degree
    In education
  • Master’s degree
    In counseling