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Construction Safety Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Construction sites are dangerous places and construction safety managers are vital to prevent workplace accidents and investigate risky situations. This is a highly responsible and technical role and of course a construction safety manager resume needs to demonstrate specialised knowledge and experience.

Creating a resume of this type is no small undertaking, although the task can be made easier. The following guide will show you how you can create a professional construction safety manager resume effectively and without hassle.

This will show you how not only to demonstrate your expertise in keeping sites safe but will also give you a helping hand with getting the right design, template, and document length. Use these tips along with our resume builder tool to create a profile that really helps you stand out from the crowd.

Top Tips

  • Reverse-chronological
  • Use white space economically
  • Keep the font size and style consistent
  • Break up bulky paragraphs into bullet points
  • Add a little neutral color to borders and subheaders
  • Use a clean and organized resume template
  • Save the file as a PDF

Not required



  • Contact information
  • Resume objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Certificates and courses
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 x letter page (8.5” x 11”)


In almost all situations a reverse-chronological resume is the best choice to make when choosing a layout for your resume. This style of resume features many advantages including:

  • It focuses on work experience (which is what recruiters will look at first)
  • It places your most recent work experience in a prominent position
  • This design is the standard most recruiters expect
  • It gives you space to detail your responsibilities at your previous jobs

For a construction safety manager, some of these factors will be critical. Whilst this is a highly skilled job, practical experience of site management, assessing risks and performing effective job safety analyses (JSA) is what the recruiter will want to see above all else.


Getting the design right for your resume can be a tricky balancing act. A resume’s most important job is to get the recruiter’s attention and effectively communicate your professional expertise. Doing that right can seem challenging, but there are plenty of tried and tested ways to make this somewhat easier.

To use your document design effectively to communicate your skills, less is sometimes more. This is especially true with the text. Choose the information you include on the page very carefully and make sure to balance writing with the white space available. Overfilling your resume with information will make it harder to read and less likely to succeed.

Luckily this can be counteracted by breaking up the longer sections of text like your work experience details into bullet points. The text itself should also be a consistent size throughout and written in a clearly legible font. In this instance old favorites like Times New Roman, Ariel and Calibri still work best.

However, whilst you won’t need an artist to design your construction safety manager resume, it should still be eyecatching. It is still perfectly ok to use color to embellish features such as the headings and dividing lines on the page.


In almost all cases a photo is not required for a construction safety manager position. Recruiters will not favor a resume with a profile picture due to strict US laws on employment discrimination. However, this can sometimes be a requirement in countries like France and Germany and if you are applying for a position in some European states this could be a necessity.

Sections of a Resume

The sections you choose matter. These can vary depending on the type of information you want to present and the requirements of the position you’re targeting. However, you should at the very least always include the following segments on the page:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Of course, there is additional information that could make a crucial difference when you write your resume. Depending on your career and education thus far you may have extra details to include such as your major achievements and any extra specialized training you’ve undertaken. This and more can be reflected in one of the following optional sections:

  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Certificates and courses
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

A good resume isn’t necessarily a long resume. In fact, conciseness is often key in many cases. A single letter page is usually enough to communicate your expertise. You can extend to a second page if absolutely necessary although this isn’t advised, especially if the role is a particularly competitive one.

Construction Safety Manager Resume Section Headings

Getting the employer’s attention from the get-go is one of the most important things your resume can do. Recruiters will only spend as little as 6 seconds reading through a candidate’s resume on average, so it needs to impress right away.

The best way to get the attention of a recruiter immediately is with a strong resume objective statement. This can strategically place some of your most glowing achievements and experience right where the recruiter will see them first. This should be tailored to each job you apply for and, if done right, can entice the reader to want to learn much more about you as a candidate.

Work experience

A good work experience section can make a difference in the case of any job search but in the case of a construction safety manager, this is especially true. To make this section really effective only list relevant jobs that detail the expertise and skill that you wish to convey on the page. For each job you list, include the following information:

  • The company you worked with and its location
  • Your job title at the business
  • The dates you were employed between
  • Your roles and responsibilities in the position

As you detail the roles you took on within your previous and current jobs remember to keep the information as relevant as possible to the position you’re targeting. The details you include should be numerical where possible to really demonstrate the impact you made whilst working as a safety manager on a construction site.

To make your expertise as clear as possible, remember to be specific with the tools you used to improve safety for your fellow construction workers and how you assisted construction project managers in making sure correct procedures and codes were followed. Also, state precisely the extent to which you improved safety. If you oversaw a 5 month period with no accidents or spearheaded a 20% reduction in injury, tell the recruiter that information!


Whilst work experience is king in terms of getting hired for a safety manager role, your skills section still needs to shine. This is, of course, a highly skillful job and you will need to need to detail a mixture of both hard and soft abilities in order to get hired. Be sure to include one or more of the following skills on your resume:

Hard skills:

  • OSHA Construction
  • Employee training
  • Job Safety Assessments
  • Environmental protection
  • First aid skills
  • Emergency preparation
  • Accident reporting
  • Employment law
  • Safety codes and regulations

Soft skills:

  • Attention to detail
  • Calm under pressure
  • Quick decision making
  • Good communication
  • An analytical mind
  • Safety awareness
  • Team player


As this is a highly specialized role most employers will want to see a level of college education. This could be a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in Construction Management itself or a similar qualification in a relevant field like Occupational Health and Safety or Engineering.

Further to this, the education section of your resume can be used to demonstrate other qualifications you’ve gained during your career so far. For example if you’ve earned any certificates or undergone specialist training this can also be added to this section as well. Alternatively, it can be added to its own certifications section if you have space to spare.

Construction Safety Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The words you use on a resume count more today than they ever have before. This is because an ever-growing number of employers are making use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

In many cases, ATS filters out resumes that don’t make use of enough relevant key phrases and those containing spelling mistakes. Therefore, it’s essential to use the right language for the construction industry and focused on safety in order not to be rejected immediately.

Words to Use

  • Safety meetings
  • Near miss investigation
  • Accidental hazards
  • JSA
  • Government regulations
  • Excavation
  • Fall protection
  • Hazardous waste
  • MOP
  • Environmental protection
  • Training classes
  • Employment law
  • Accident report
  • Safety supplies
  • OSHA
  • Regulations

Action Verbs

  • Assess
  • Monitor
  • Generate
  • Inspect
  • Write
  • Report
  • Meet
  • Provide
  • Perform
  • Design
  • Manage
  • Oversee
  • Review
  • Create
  • Prepare
  • Investigate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Construction Safety Manager role

Skilled and experienced Construction Safety Manager with a specialist working knowledge of environmental protection best practice and proven track record in accident prevention.

  • Inspected work site and submitted daily JSA reports
  • Investigated and created reports for all accidents onsite
  • Created a comprehensive safety program for subcontractors working onsite
  • Introduced new safety equipment onsite reducing injury by 13%
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  • 7 years
  • BS
    Occupational Health and Safety
  • Trained
    First Aid
  • Expert
    Environmental protection

2. Candidate seeking a graduate Construction Safety Manager role

Recent graduate in Construction Site Management with on the job experience, eager to put their training to the test in a full-time position.

  • Ensured adherence to safety codes and regulations onsite
  • Instructed new recruits to the site in effective safety procedures and emergency response
  • Audited and ordered safety supplies for the site
  • Assessed safety mistakes onsite and consulted employees at risk of injury
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  • 1 year’s
    work experience
  • BS
    Construction Site Management
  • BCSP
  • Trained
    First Aid

Last modified on May 12th, 2020

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