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Computer Scientist Resume Tips and Ideas

Computer science has a wide variety of applications so a computer scientist can have a myriad of careers. For your computer scientist resume to stand out from the rest, you must tailor it to the specific job that you are applying to.

A well-written computer scientist resume should highlight your skills since this is what matters most in the IT industry. Employers are interested in whether you can accomplish the specific tasks demanded by the job. Soft skills though important should take a back seat to the more technical resume job skills.

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Top Tips

  • Reverse Chronological format is your safest bet
  • You may also use a Functional or combination format
  • Use a resume builder to keep the format flawless
  • Pay keen attention to Content spacing and clarity of font are when designing a Computer Scientist resume
  • Save your resume in PDF format




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective or summary
  • Education background
  • Work experience
  • Skills


  • Additional training
  • Accolades
  • Volunteer experience
  • Projects
  • Interests and passions
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


There are three resume formats that you can use but your best bet is the reverse-chronological resume format. This is because it shows your best points first including your most recent work experience and your most relevant skills. A functional format is ideal if your work history has gaps since it focuses on experience and skills.

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A computer scientist resume should be eye-catching to attract the attention of hiring managers. If you want your resume to stand out among hundreds of job seekers in today’s job market, you must create a readable resume design. Use clear, standout headings, legible fonts and leave enough white space to enhance the readability of your resume.

Fortunately, you can use a resume template to build an attractive and error-free resume in a very short time.

Your resume design should match your industry. Be careful not to add graphics and design elements that are not relevant to the job.

Once you are done creating your resume, save it in PDF format, to preserve the formatting and design. Make sure that the company accepts PDF resumes before sending it.


A computer scientist resume should not have any photos since appearance is not a factor for the job. Including your photo could set you up for unconscious discrimination.

Sections of a Resume

Applicants tend to muddy their resume with too much information. Your resume should only have the relevant sections to the position and hiring managers should be able to find all this information with ease.

The major sections relevant to a computer scientist resume include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Education background
  • Work experience
  • Skills

Optional sections that could help the resume stand out include:

  • Additional training
  • Accolades
  • Volunteer experience
  • Projects
  • Interests and passions

Resume Length

Focus on saying more with less. Resume length can determine whether your resume is accepted or not. Employers dislike being bombarded with too much information. Your computer scientist resume should be one page long.

Computer Scientist Resume Section Headings

The main sections of a computer scientist resumes are the resume objective statement, work experience and skills.


There is a huge difference between a resume summary and a resume objective statement.

You should use a resume summary if you have plenty of work experience. It is ideal when applying for specialized and executive positions in the industry.

A resume objective, on the other hand, works for an entry-level computer science resume or for applicants looking to change careers. Your resume objective should focus on what gains you are hoping to provide to the employer. Consult resume objective examples for insight.

Work experience

Before detailing your work experience, consider the job description carefully then tailor the experience section to fit the job opening.

First, you have to brainstorm all your past work experience. Create a spreadsheet listing all your past achievements. Next, consider the job description and from your list, pull the most relevant and impressive achievements of your career to include in your work experience section. Start with your most recent work experience and list the rest in that order. Under each experience, list at least six responsibilities and measurable achievements.

If you have no solid work experience in the industry, you can include the computer science tasks you’ve performed throughout your life from projects you worked on in high school and college to tasks you executed at non-computer science jobs.

For your resume to stand out, make use of resume action words relevant to the profession.


Skills are everything in computer science. However, since every applicant lists their resume computer skills in detail, how can you make your resume stand out in the eyes of recruiters?

What recruiters are interested in is whether you can put the skills you’ve listed into practice and whether these skills are relevant to the job opening.

First, you need to make a resume skills list with all your computer science skills. From this list, pick the ones that fit the job description. Next, back these relevant skills elsewhere in your resume. You can link these skills to a favorite class you took in the education section or to a number of achievements in the work experience section.

Use adjectives to describe the level of your skill whether it is novice, proficient or expert. Including relevant soft skills may also give you a leg up over your competition.

Computer Scientist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Resume power words can demonstrate your skill in the field but you should avoid using words that you are not familiar with. Interviewers may ask you a question that makes you seem clueless. Use resume buzzwords and action verbs commonly used by computer scientists to impress the hiring managers.

Words to Use

  • Bug
  • API
  • Algorithm
  • Bandwidth
  • Open Source
  • Backend development
  • Artifact
  • Big data
  • Event
  • Cloud
  • Callback
  • Function
  • Encryption
  • JAVA
  • Cipher

Action Verbs

  • Boot
  • Develop
  • Hack
  • Data Mine
  • Network
  • Programme
  • Computational steering
  • Compute
  • Code
  • Benchmarking
  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt
  • Track
  • Troubleshoot
  • Test
  • Deploy

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Computer Scientist role

Driven computer science professional with 15 years experience in graphic design and project management. Seeking to leverage proven coding and analytical skills as a programmer for Facebook.

  • Led my team in the implementation of Extended Events in SQL Server
  • Carried out daily development in a customer service firm
  • Spearheaded the switch to a more accurate Extended Events method from the flawed client-side profiling of MS SQL
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  • 15 years
  • MSc. in
    Graphic Design
  • BSc. in
    Computer Science and Engineering

2. Candidate seeking Computer Scientist job

Skilled computer scientist with a strong foundation in logic, math and cross-platform coding. Seeking to leverage strong knowledge and skills in computing, communication and collaboration to double your department’s efficiency.

  • Updated website for to meet Google search standards for mobile
  • Built a working customer database for a local supermarket chain
  • Developed and managed a training program for charity runners in the Cambridge Food project
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  • 2 years
  • BSc. in
    Computer Science
  • Diploma in
    Information Systems