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Professional Resume Samples for Client Manager

Client Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Customer support and satisfaction is critical for the effective running of any business, and your role as a client or customer care manager is to ensure that your employing firm’s customer care desk is running optimally. As a client manager, your role will be to ensure reliable client support services to company customers. When creating your client manager resume, ensure you show your ability to carry out the following roles:

  • Handle complex customer issues
  • Training, supervising and appraising staff in your department
  • Inspire repeat business from clients
  • Offer advice to clients regarding various products and services
  • Develop surveys and other tools to obtain client feedback
  • Participate in marketing

An effective client manager resume must also demonstrate key soft skills like leadership, organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. To get that lucrative position in a blue chip company, you must convince the hiring panel to hire you with a well-designed and professional client manager resume. You can try our resume generators to help you create a great resume in minutes.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • Apply our resume generators to guide you in creating a resume in this reliable format
  • Neat resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Executive appearance
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Professional affiliations


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Foreign languages
Resume Length

1 page


The ideal resume format for a professional client manager resume would be the reverse chronological. It draws your hiring manager’s attention to your extensive career achievements in the customer care field, which will be critical in impressing your hiring manager and pushing them toward calling you for an interview. This resume format is also easy to follow as it is widely recognized across diverse areas. Selecting a resume format that your manager is likely familiar with is essential, as a client manager can work in any corporate environment.


A client manager is a top-tier management position; which is why you need an equally executive-looking resume. The layout of your resume must be neat and well structured to portray you as a professional with remarkable organization skills. Your resume can also find the delicate balance between formal and appealing by incorporating white space and using a minimalist color as a background for any of your resume columns.

Setting a one-inch margin all around your document and minimizing bold and underline formatting helps in improving the amount of white space in your text.

Consider using a formal resume font (Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, or Arial) in sizes 11-13 to write your details. Using one font throughout your document is key in making your resume tidy. Have proper resume subheadings at the beginning of every resume section and bulleted points to express yourself. Finally, proofread your resume to remove any mistakes or hanging design flaws and submit it in PDF format to ensure that the format holds across all devices.


A photo is not a mandatory requirement while applying for a client manager resume. Adding a photograph to your resume is not advisable as you may fall victim to biases based on appearance.

Sections of a Resume

The resume sections should be the main area for your attention as you write your resume. A client manager resume must indicate the most important skills, qualifications, and abilities to help you stand out from the competition.  Different professions demand differently when it comes to these sections. The following sections must be included in a client manager resume:

  • Resume header: this title will help your resume stand out in the case of a document mix-up; it can either be your name or professional title. Write it in bold uppercase letters.
  • Contact information:  Here, you provide the recruiters with a means to contact you. Include your name, location (address, city, and state), and a current email address, phone number (for work use only), and a LinkedIn profile (optional).
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Professional affiliations: any professional groups or associations that you are a part of. These will help you appear as an authority in your field.

Foreign languages can also be helpful depending on the nationalities of the clientele your hiring firm has. Hobbies and interests are optional, but you can include any positive hobbies to help you appear as a well-rounded individual. Leave out your internships and volunteer experience if you have more than ten years of experience.

Resume Length

A client manager resume should be one page long, but you can have a maximum of two pages if you have extensive experience. Be brief and only include the career details relevant to the position you intend to get.

Client Manager Resume Section Headings

The sections highlighted below will be the primary focus of your recruiters. Use these tips to write them effectively:


The professional resume summary is a brief section at the beginning of your resume where you put down your professional attributes and values, time spent in the workforce, and specialization. This section is critical in your resume, as hiring managers will read through this section first. Aim to impress them by using positive and impactful adjectives to describe your work ethic, and include any remarkable career achievements you have had.

Work experience

The work experience section is the next chapter that your recruiter will read through. This section enables the hiring firm to track your career progress and determining if you are a fit for the organization and the advertised position. Ensure you add only the previous jobs that are relevant to the advertised vacancy and that you tailor them to match it as closely as possible.

Write the previously held jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning each with the job title you had, name, and location of the previous employer, then the period of tenure. 3-7 bullets detailing your specific duties and responsibilities will suffice.

Client Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

An effective client manager resume must incorporate the terms used regularly in the profession to help you appear well-versed in your field. Also use action verbs in your work experience and professional summary statement to make these sections appear less bland.

Words to Use

  • Self-motivated
  • Business opportunities
  • revenue
  • relationships
  • engagement
  • personable
  • network
  • Repeat business
  • Financial solution
  • Client needs
  • Customer service
  • front office
  • portfolio
  • marketing
  • Terms of service
  • custom

Action Verbs

  • achieve
  • capture
  • define
  • establish
  • listen
  • direct
  • supervise
  • develop
  • Team effort
  • review
  • collaborate
  • communicate
  • implement
  • deliver
  • encourage
  • acquire

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking client manager job

Personable and able client manager with ten years of expertise in overseeing the effective functioning of customer support departments and the fostering of professional relationships with high-value clients. Have constantly achieved a top customer satisfaction rating of 99% during my tenure at Acme Inc.

  • Created new business relationships with high-value clients and inspired repeat business 75% of the time
  • Oversaw the training of interns and new team members in the client support desk
  • Managed front desk operations and the handling of customer complaints to ensure customer satisfaction
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  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    Degree in business management

2. Candidate seeking client manager

Effective and confident marketing professional with over sixteen years of experience offering engaging and helpful customer support and after-sales services to customers. Possess remarkable leadership skills in managing and inspiring customer support teams and communications skills in creating professional relationships with customers.

  • Managed 50-60 client accounts at a go from creation to the facilitation of client needs
  • Collaborated with operations, production, and quality assurance managers to ensure reliable client support and follow up services
  • Designed surveys and questionnaires to help clients offer clients an opportunity to voice their comments and feedback
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  • Experience
    16 years
  • Education
    Degree in marketing

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