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A CFO or Chief Financial Officer of a business is a top-tier management position that is rewarding as it is challenging. A CFOs primary role in the business revolves around the financial aspects; planning, implementation, management and control of all financial activities. As a Chief Financial Officer, you will also be in charge of the negotiating, budgeting and forecasting functions in your firm. You will also be charged with maintaining and developing new relationships with investors and business partners.

You will interact with both senior and junior employees and company members. In a nutshell, your responsibilities will include:

  • Preparing reports and offering recommendations to the CEO and Board of Management
  • Offer advice on short, medium, and long term financial planning for the business
  • Overseeing the preparation of financial reports and statements and process of financial forecasting and budgeting.

The role of a CFO is a senior position; thus, a high level of experience and professional accomplishments are required. A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Economics and Finance or Statistics will be the academic requirements. CPA or CIFA certification and an MBA will be an added advantage. At least 10 years of experience managing teams in the finance or accounting department of a busy firm is another requirement.

An effective CFO should also possess several soft skills, such as interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. They should be computer literate, excellent in math and financial jargon, and be able to engage well with staff at all levels. Quick analytical thinking and decision making are also critical.

When writing your Chief Financial Officer’s resume, consider all these requirements, as the hiring manager will be looking for them in your resume. If writing is not your strong suit, consider using our resume writing tips and resume builder to get you that impressive resume in minutes.

Top Tips


Reverse chronological.

  • Neat, Appealing resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Minimalist colors
  • Minimal formatting
  • Formal fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Resume title
  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work experience and career achievements
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Professional affiliations


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


The ideal resume format for a professional CFO’s resume would be the reverse chronological. It draws your hiring manager’s attention to your illustrious work experience and achievements, which provide a measure of the value you will bring to the hiring firm. This resume format is also easy to read, and thus facilitates the quick tracking of the challenges you have faced throughout your career to determine your suitability for the job.

As the resume format name suggests, you should start your resume with a title, which in this case is ‘Chief Financial Officer.’ From there, proceed to your professional contact information, resume summary statement, then your work experience section, still in reverse chronological order. Proceed to list certifications, additional hard and soft skills, professional affiliations, then your education section still in chronological order.


A CFO is an executive management position; thus, you need an equally executive-looking resume.

An appealing, yet formal and neat resume layout is the first thing that will impress your recruiter even before they start reading through your qualifications. Plenty of white space is essential to facilitate easy reading and to avoid making your resume look stuffed. Make your Chief Financial Officer resume stand out from the pile of white papers crawling with facts and figures with a maximum of two minimalist colors. Setting a one-inch margin all around your document and minimizing bold and underline format also helps in improving the resume appearance.

Consider using a formal resume font (Calibri, Cambria, Georgia) in sizes 11-13 to write your details. Use proper resume subheadings and bullets to improve its readability. Finally, save your resume in PDF format to ensure that the format holds across all devices.


Adding a photograph to your resume while applying for a job is not advisable. Not including a photo ensures that you do not fall victim to bias in the hiring process.

Sections of a Resume

The main sections of your resume must feature all vital details that will help you get the job. Hence, use the following resume sections to add all your essential professional information:

  • Resume title
  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work experience and career achievements
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Professional affiliations

In the optional resume sections, include details that enhance the information you provided in the main sections. Such extra sections include:

  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

The ideal length for a CFOs resume is one page (A4 size). If your experience is extensive, the maximum you can go to is two pages, but be sure to include only brief, relevant details in your resume. You do not want to bog down your recruiters with excessive information. Use columns to fit your information neatly and adequately onto your page.

CFO Resume Section Headings

As a potential Chief Financial Officer hire, you must present nothing less than an impeccable resume. Every section must show how accomplished you are and your capacity to manage the finances of the company. To that end, here’s how to craft the most important sections.


Studies show that the longest a hiring manager will take to skim your resume through the first round of eliminations is six seconds. In these six seconds, their focus is going to be on your resume professional summary, and they will trash all the resumes that do not have one.

Make your resume summary impressive by weaving some of your most significant yet quantifiable achievements in this section. Write your degree of experience and the responsibilities you have held in the past. Here, you can also show the recruiter what is in it for them if they hire you.

Work experience

Writing a haphazard experience section will definitely cost you the job, even though you have an impressive career and stellar academic qualifications. The hiring panel will want a CFO who best fits their position, so show them that you are the best fit by tailoring this section to fit their requirements. Make keen reference to the job description in the ad, and add only the professional achievements that the hiring firm needs. Use action verbs and a maximum of 7 bullet points rather than paragraphs to illustrate your roles in each stint.

CFO Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

People in top leadership roles must use carefully selected words in writing and speaking. They will often be judged based on their words, which also applies in the hiring process.

The following resume action verbs and buzzwords are tailored for a CFO resume and will help you write a more specific, impactful resume.

Words to Use

  • Profit
  • Accounts
  • Assets
  • Internal/external audits
  • Margins
  • Management
  • Financing
  • Tax returns
  • Annual sales
  • Financial statements
  • Financiers
  • Turnover
  • Budgets
  • Cash flows
  • Revenues
  • Markup

Action Verbs

  • Lead
  • Implement
  • Consult
  • Integrate
  • Supervise
  • Identify
  • Maintain
  • Forecast
  • Mentor
  • Recommend
  • Spearhead
  • Negotiate
  • Collaborate
  • Prepare
  • Design
  • Improve

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking CFO position

Resume summary statement:

Highly effective and accomplished CFO with 8+ experience in a busy corporate environment and with remarkable leadership, analytical thinking, and financial skills. Spearheaded the carrying out of 6 mergers and the redesign of operational flows at Acme Limited, which raised revenue of $17 million.

  • Collaborated with the marketing team and the production and operations managers to redesign the existing product promotion plans and expenditure, which saw a 72% increase in annual sales.
  • Oversaw the shift into a continuous product development organizational culture, which increased the profit margin from 7% to 18% within 13 months
  • Monitored trends within the industry and external business environment to adequately anticipate risks and have proper courses of action in place throughout the firm
  • Ensured that appropriate negotiation, accounting, and contracting policies were followed to meet business development objectives
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  • MBA
  • CPA
  • Bachelor’s Degree
    in Finance
  • Member,
    California Association for Financial Professionals

2. Candidate seeking CFO position

Resume summary statement:

Diligent CFO with 10+ experience in a wide range of corporate environments seeks to become the new CFO of ArriveSafe Transports Services. Looking forward to bringing my extensive knowledge and qualifications to guide ArriveSafe in the achievement of its short term and long term financial goals.

  • Designed and implemented internal policies that saw strict compliance to facilitate adequate protection of the firm’s assets
  • Maintained beneficial relationships with the firm’s F&A service providers including investment bankers, insurance firms, fund managers, and treasury management groups
  • Collaborated with government agents and external auditors in the annual financial audits
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  • 10 years
  • Bachelor’s degree
    in Economics and Finance
  • CPA
  • Masters degree
    in finance

Last modified on May 12th, 2020

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