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In the business-oriented world, today, the consultancy and business advisory business is growing rapidly. Since businesses of all sizes are looking for a business advisor or consultant, it’s easy to see why it’s considered a cut-throat profession amongst applicants.

Having a well-made resume makes it much easier for you to close new clients if you’re working independently, or to land a business advisory contract with your dream company.

As a business advisor, you are expected to have at least a graduate, if not a Master’s degree in Business, Finance or a relevant field. Your experience with previous clients, in particular, the results you generated for them also matter a lot in getting you hired.

Think of your resume as a tool to market yourself to a potential employer. Your resume, if done right, ensures you that you are portrayed as the best business advisor your potential employer is looking for. Due to the competitive marketplace, an employer sifting through document after document will want to see the one that stands out above all.

Try our easy to use resume generator that helps you take the load off building the perfect resume, where you can choose the best format and samples and design your own. To gain an in-depth understanding, take a look at the guideline below where we list some of the most important aspects of a Business Advisor resume needed to succeed.

Top Tips


Reverse Chronological Format

  • Create a tidy layout and page format
  • Use proper sections and highlights of the career
  • Avoid overusing infographics and iconography
  • Make careful use of colors




  • Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Qualifications


  • Languages
  • IT skills
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 x letter page (8.5” x 11”)


One of the most important decisions to make when you are creating any resume is the format you are going to choose. How you convey the information you put on the resume depends entirely on what format you choose. One of the most widely used formats for resumes is a reverse chronological template or the combination design.

In any case, your resume needs to be properly laid out with the right information. That means having a clean, easy to read and distinguishable resume that not only talks about your work experience but also shows who you are as a person and what kind of personality you have.

For a Business Advisor, the chronological format is the best-suited one as it lists all of your work experience in reverse chronological order, which is one of the most important things your potential employer is looking for. It also helps keep your resume neat and tidy and focuses on the parts of the document that are most important.


Creating a design for a resume is possibly the last thing on anyone’s mind since most resumes follow a similar format and color tone. However, using a simple design can go a long way and make your resume stand apart from everyone else’s.

For example, using color to highlight certain sections or headings in your resume can be quite helpful to the reader. Just make sure your colors are subtle and not too bold.


In certain countries, using your photo on a resume is not allowed because employers cannot hire someone based on appearance, as that would contravene discrimination laws. However, it is not a problem in some European countries and is even expected in some cases. It is generally not needed OR required to include photo identification on a professional resume so our advice is not to use your photo, just to be on the safe side.

Sections of a Resume

A professional resume is always divided into sections that showcase the best parts of your professional life. Certain segments of your professional life are important to convey a good impression and are required, whereas others are optional and aren’t necessary to put in. Here is a list of some crucial sections on a Business Advisor resume.

  • Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Resume Length

When you’re applying for the job, keep in mind that there are other resumes that are also being sent in at the same time, which is why the length of your resume matters. The person reviewing your resume is likely going to skim through it and focus on the important bits. That’s why it is important to keep your resume to a bare minimum yet long enough to communicate all your best features. If you focus on just the right information, using one of our resume sample guides, you can convey a lot on one letter-size page of 8.5” x 11”.

Business Advisor Resume Section Headings


Opening with a strong summary statement can mean a world of a difference when it comes to creating a strong impression. This is the place to summarize your aspirations as well as experience. If done right, these will effectively grab the attention of your potential employer and help them keep reading on.


One of the most important things to an employer is whether you have the basic educational knowledge for the position you are applying for. A relevant and strong educational background makes it easier for an employer to make a decision on advancing you to the next stage.

The key things you should therefore communicate is what you specialize in and where you graduated from. Furthermore, additional and relevant certifications can either be listed here or in a separate section depending on the space available and design format chosen.

Work experience

This is vital and in some cases, the most important part of a business advisor’s resume. Your work experience gives your employer a summary of where you have worked, what positions you have worked in and what your achievements have been. This also conveys how reliable and proficient you are in generating tangible business results for your clients.

List down concrete business results that you’ve achieved for your previous clients, under each job entry you’ve included, to really form a strong impression in your hiring manager’s mind.

If you’re applying for an entry-level position, make sure you mention part-time work or relevant volunteer work that you have done. It goes a long way and shows you are determined and passionate about what you do.


As a business advisor, you are expected to have cultivated a core skill-set of competencies that are vital to your job. Being a great communicator with creative problem-solving skills and excellent critical thinking abilities can go along way to getting selected for the openings on offer.

Business Advisor Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

You need to use the right words to get the reader’s attention on a professional business advisor resume. This doesn’t mean overusing jargon, but simply means you should convey that you know what you are doing.

Below is a list of keywords that are essential to make your business advisor resume look prominent and well-articulated.

Words to Use

  • Business Policy
  • Systems
  • Solutions
  • Growth Hacking
  • Management
  • Relationship
  • Funding
  • Accounting systems
  • Operations Management
  • Administration
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Entrepreneurial
  • BBC business
  • Small business ideas
  • Proposal
  • Profitability

Action Verbs

  • Consult
  • Guide
  • Advise
  • Analysis
  • Engineer
  • Improving
  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Solve
  • Grow
  • Communicate
  • Manage
  • Contact
  • Close
  • Decide
  • Invigorate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Senior Business Advisor position:

Resume summary statement:

Ambitious executive specializing in creating strategic relationships and alliances with key organizational leaders and clients.

  • Directed projects that provided customized solutions for clients
  • Utilize multiple inputs, including competitive intelligence and customer data to monitor the effectiveness of new business models.
  • Analyzed, prepared and structured financial statements
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  • 8 years'
  • BA
  • MBA

2. Candidate seeking Small Business Advisor position

Resume summary statement:

Result-oriented business advisorwith extensive focus on business process changes and improvements, along with proactively developing and maintaining technical business awareness.

  • Advising Business owners by providing insights on revenue influx
  • Providing solutions and updated business modules to boost profit by 103%
  • Maintained positive and beneficial relations with clients and customers
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  • 5 years'
  • MA
  • BBA

Last modified on December 19th, 2019

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