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Bus Driver Resume Tips and Ideas

Landing your ideal bus driver job requires creating a detailed resume which demonstrates your strengths and experience in driving and different skills relating to the type of vehicle you operate.

A bus driver resume should show potential recruiters the information regarding transport policies and regulations that the candidate possesses as well as demonstrate their superior level of responsibility for others as this is a key factor for any bus driver role.

Beyond simply driving, a bus driver is required to perform various tasks in their day-to-day routine and should be able to showcase their duties and abilities on a resume in order to capture the attention of a hiring manager. These duties can change depending on the type of company and the services offered, as well as the location and target passengers. Also, as an authority figure for public or private transport, there are other skills and qualifications that a bus driver should be able to present on their resume such as licenses and safety certifications.

When it comes to composing a professional resume for a bus driver position, there are some differences from corporate style resumes. The following guide displays what a bus driver resume should include and shows you how to write a winning bus driver resume for your next job.

Top Tips

  • Functional and combination resume formats could be more beneficial for bus driver candidates that the traditional chronological resume.
  • Using resume samples will guide jobseekers to find a suitable layout to display their profile adequately.
  • Bus driver resume design factors to consider:
  • Colors
  • Section ordering
  • Titles, subheadings
  • Possible use of infographics
  • Online resume builder templates




  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/Summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education or Training (if relevant)
  • Qualifications or licenses


  • Volunteer work
  • Honors and awards
  • Languages
  • Courses completed
  • Personal interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


Choose a resume format that fits your individual profile, there is no one correct resume style.

This means deciding whether you have a career trajectory that merits a chronological resume structure, whether you would like to emphasize your abilities in a functional resume as you have a less complete work history, or if you would like to combine these elements in a hybrid resume format. Generally, as the abilities and qualifications are the key factors on a bus driver resume, it may be more suitable to use one of these last two types of resume layouts.

With such a wide range of responsibilities, it is vital that bus driver jobseekers make their abilities stand out on their resumes by either, in a combination or functional resume, explaining each skill with examples of corresponding achievements or, in a chronological resume, as a clear and concise work experience section with detailed descriptions, that is prominent on the page.

Resume samples often display factors of formatting that jobseekers may overlook, but that should be carefully considered, such as font type and size, and the layout of the main resume sections.

Using a bus driver resume example can help candidates to find the perfect format for their needs in order to make sure their profile stands out in the recruiting process.


In order to create a well-written, customized bus driver resume, it is crucial that candidates ensure to outline the key aspects that make them a suitable applicant for the job available.

Factors of design that should be considered for bus driver resumes include the colors used on a resume, as well as the section titles and headings.

Images and infographics are not commonly used on bus driver resumes because it is not necessary to demonstrate levels of IT abilities, languages, etc. however, if you feel it is appropriate for the company or type of position you are seeking, feel free to make your bus driver resume more creative.

Resume examples for bus driver candidates allow jobseekers to better understand what is necessary to include so that hiring managers will be convinced to give them a call. Using resume examples permits job applicants to find inspiration from jobseekers in their same field with similar skills and experience so they can see how to best present their own.

HR-approved bus resume templates are a sure-fire way to attract the attention of a prospective employer because of the unique designs and error-free layouts.

Find all the best resume templates through an online resume builder where you can get expert content tips to make sure you create an optimal resume for your professional needs.


There is no need to include a photo on a bus driver resume for a position in the U.S. If you are seeking recruitment in a different part of the world as a bus driver, it could be possible that including your photo on a resume would be beneficial for your job application, however within the United States, it is not acceptable to put a photo on your resume.

Sections of a Resume

Firstly, bus drivers should make a list of their experience, qualifications, relevant licenses, certifications, courses, etc. that are pertinent to the job they’re searching. It is always advisable to have a clear idea of what job history and academic achievements as well as on-the-job training you have accumulated in your professional career in order to list them appropriately on your resume.

Due to the requirements of this type of occupation, academic qualifications are not the most significant to highlight on a bus driver resume education or training section. Candidates are therefore encouraged to focus on the resume work experience section as well as their skills.

Therefore, the most prominent resume sections for a bus driver job application are as follows:

  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/Summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education or Training (if relevant)
  • Qualifications or licenses

Whereas the aforementioned sections should be included in nearly all bus driver resumes, the following are optional sections that could make a candidate’s resume stand out from the rest:

  • Volunteer work
  • Honors and awards
  • Languages
  • Courses completed
  • Personal interests

Resume Length

Bus driver resumes should take up no more than 1 page of Letter-size paper. Even those candidates with vast work experience in this field should limit their resume to one page because recruiters will spend an average of 6-10 seconds reviewing a typical jobseeker’s application before deciding whether to pursue it further or discard their candidacy. This means that bus driver job seekers should ensure to make the relevant information easy to find and make sure it stands out in a presentable way on their 1-page resume.

Bus Driver Resume Section Headings

As bus drivers are responsible for transporting passengers and cargo from different locations, through different terrains, taking into consideration different safety needs, it is essential that a bus driver candidate ensure that their resume reflects the relevant needs of the specific job on offer. This means not all resumes can be the same, even for the same applicant. Candidates should tailor the sections they include to match the requirements of the vacancy and to present their best assets according to their professional profile.

The following are some of the principal sections to include and how to orientate them toward a winning bus driver resume.


The skills section is a vital part of a bus driver resume and should be given plenty of attention to ensure it is well-written and optimized for any job application.

The following are some of the tasks that bus drivers must perform on a regular basis:

  • vehicle inspection,
  • vehicle maintenance,
  • reporting,
  • managing incidents,
  • route memorizing,
  • map reading,
  • handling fares,
  • picking up and dropping off passengers,
  • responding to customer inquiries.

Such tasks can require a variety of hard and soft skills which include technical know-how of the industry and personal abilities such as being self-disciplined and maintaining good time management.

Other qualities to be showcased in an effective bus driver resume include the extensive knowledge of the services and routes as well as basic mechanical knowledge as a minimum safety requirement. Candidates should be well-versed in local and regional driving laws and regulations in addition to vehicle security procedures and safety measures for passengers in case of emergency.

Work experience

If you choose to dedicate a part of your resume to an extended work experience section, it is strongly recommended to include in the descriptions of each position held achievements and quantifiable examples to give evidence of your abilities. These numerical details could include such information as correct cash-handling, employees trained, routes memorized or regulating journey times, etc.

Additionally giving prominence to a proven track record of safe driving and a lack of driving violations or citations is key to make your bus driver resume stand out in the application process.


Candidates should consider including the names of their most important qualifications and licenses, giving emphasis to the length of time without incidents, to make sure this information is directly available to the hiring manager.

Each license or certification should be detailed with any associated reference numbers, the dates and locations of validity, given that in some states, certain licenses allow for different activities. Also, these should be presented in reverse-chronological order of when they were obtained.

Candidates should prioritize their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), the class and any extra endorsements which apply, such as school buses (S) or passenger vehicles (P).

Another factor that is essential to always include in an easily-visible section of a bus driver resume is the medical and criminal check that is obligatory to be able to work as a bus driver in the US.

Bus Driver Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Bus driver positions could relate to diverse roles involving various responsibilities depending on the category of bus, type of company and target service consumer. This is why it is important for candidates to reflect on what travel routes or destinations the role includes and what policies the company has on different aspects of customer service and vehicle care to make sure they cater their resume to the specific needs of the company.

All bus driver resumes should be unique to the professional profile of the candidate and adapted to suit the vacancy on offer.

Bus drivers, although working independently, must always remain friendly and keep their cool under pressure as they are a representative of the company they work for, therefore it is pivotal to offer strong communication skills as well as a friendly and welcoming character. Bus driver applicants should also be able to demonstrate their ability to deal with difficult customers or situations and resolve conflicts that may arise.

Words to Use

  • Disability equipment
  • Weather conditions
  • Flexible timetable
  • Customer service
  • Sense of direction
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Stress handling
  • Clean driving license
  • Vigilance
  • Knowledge of safety regulations
  • Ticketing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Cash handling
  • Punctual
  • Perceptive
  • Time management

Action Verbs

  • Memorize
  • Maintain
  • Record
  • Operate
  • Monitor
  • Communicate
  • Enforce
  • Adhere
  • Clean
  • Navigate
  • Load/Unload
  • Instruct
  • Interact
  • Inspect
  • Assist
  • Transport

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking School Bus Driver position

Resume summary statement:

Friendly, helpful bus driver with 5 years experience in the sector, looking for position as school bus driver to dedicate career to assisting children of all ages and backgrounds attend school on time and happily.

  • Maintained vehicle, equipment, and installations according to safety regulations.
  • Adhered to state laws of the road, driving always below speed limit, and respecting pedestrians and other motorists.
  • Performed pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections.
  • Greeted passengers, ticketed, cash handling, and customer service.
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  • 5 years
  • 100%
    Clean Driving License
  • HS
  • First Aid

2. Candidate seeking Commercial Bus Driver position

Resume summary statement:

Responsible, enthusiastic commercial bus driver with over 10 years experience working with passengers in different states. Aware of road safety and vehicle maintenance, provides secure transport to the public in and out of city.  

  • Maintained records and produced reports on weekly operations and issues.
  • Helped clients with luggage, organizing, loading, and unloading.
  • Performed vehicle maintenance and inspections.
  • Followed safety precautions, enforcing rules and regulations with passengers on all routes, communicating diligently any variations.
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  • 12 years
  • Clean CDL
    Commercial Driving License
  • HS
  • Accident Prevention

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