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Brewmaster Resume Tips and Ideas

A brewmaster is responsible for the great tasting beer that patrons love to indulge in at their favorite bars. The job may sound like a lot of fun, but it also entails a lot of intricacies and requires knowledge in chemistry, math and demands creativity and keen attention to detail. A brewmaster’s duties include:

  • Coming up with new beer recipes and improving the existing ones
  • Watching the fermentation process
  • Quality control (texture, consistency, dryness, cleanliness of intermediate and final products)
  • Supervising staff at the brewery
  • Setting the machinery involved in the brewing process to optimal conditions (temperature, pressure, material and heat transfer)
  • Visits farms to choose the right quality of raw materials (barley, grain, hops, yeast)
  • Overseeing the cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Sensory analysis/tasting
  • Keeping accurate records and submitting rewards as per brewery policy

Brewmasters work in beer manufacturing industries and breweries. A hiring manager seeking a brewmaster will prefer a professional with experience and training in the fields of industrial engineering or chemistry, chemical engineering, math, or food science. More often than not formal education past a high school diploma and apprenticeship may suffice but diploma or bachelors degree in the above-mentioned fields are added advantages.

A brewmaster’s position is a highly rewarding job, especially when the market receives your recipes well. If you are passionate about beer crafting and are looking to get a lucrative position, you need to craft the perfect brewmaster’s resume first. You need not worry if writing resumes is not your strong suit. Our resume builders and resume writing tips will help you build a remarkable resume in minutes.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • You can use our online resume templates to avail more information on the chronological resume format
  • Well-organized resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


The best resume format for a professional brewmaster’s resumes would be the reverse-chronological format. This resume format allows you to start with your work experience; this section gives the hiring panel a glimpse of what you have accomplished with your exceptional skills and the value you will bring to their brewery. This format is also ATS friendly and is better recognized by HR experts.

As the resume format name suggests, you should start by listing your work experience from the most current one then on to the positions you have held previously. Proceed to list your relevant certifications and additional skills, then your education section still in chronological order.


The first thing the hiring manager will notice on your resume is its layout. Aim to impress your hiring manager with an outstanding yet neat and professional resume design that is easy to read on any device or operating system.

White space is your biggest ally when writing a resume; it enhances neatness and makes the resume easy on the eyes. Have a one-inch margin all around your resume and minimize bold and underline formatting. Choose one formal font and font size to use throughout your resume; examples you can use include Cambria, Calibri, Georgia, or Arial. Use subtitles and bulleted points for each section to guide your reader to specific parts and make the resume easy to skim. Finally, proofread your resume and save it in PDF format.


Unless stipulated in the job application requirements, avoid putting your picture on the resume. Photos may predispose you to hiring biases.

Sections of a Resume

Use the following sections to classify the information you put in your resume:

    • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications

Resume Length

The maximum length recommended for a brewmaster’s resume is one A4 size page. Your hiring manager will take less than ten seconds to skim through your resume, so aim to be concise and only include relevant information in your resume. Use columns to fit your details, but be sure to keep your font size above 11.

Brewmaster Resume Section Headings

Work experience

As mentioned earlier, the hiring manager will want to bring on board a brewmaster with sufficient expertise to reduce the initial costs and time in training. Moreover, the achievements and responsibilities you have had in other breweries will give them an idea of what you will bring to the table. You, therefore, need to tailor your work experience section to suit precisely what they need in the job description.

If they need a creative and passionate brewmaster, emphasize your creative, critical, and analytical skills as well as passion for the job.

Start each work stint with the job title you had, company name, and the period of tenure. Use a maximum of 7 bullets to describe your responsibilities in each position. Be specific and use statistics and affirmative action verbs and power words to make this section even more impressive and impactful.


The hiring manager will want to see where you obtained your remarkable skill set from, and this information is derived from the education section. If you have a diploma or degree and extensive experience, you can leave out your high school diploma. However, if you are writing a resume with little experience, include it, your diploma or degree, plus an exemplary GPA and relevant coursework. Start with the title of the qualification, name, and location of the school, then years of study or expected to graduate.

Brewmaster Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The following power words and action verbs will help you make your work experience and professional resume summary more impactful and less generic.

Words to Use

  • Recipe
  • Unit operations
  • Sensory analysis
  • Beer
  • Customer service
  • Sales and marketing
  • Inventory
  • Ale
  • Ingredients (malt, hops, barley)
  • Attention to detail
  • Fermentation process
  • Lager
  • Testing process
  • Cost reduction

Action Verbs

  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Mentor
  • Craft
  • Observe
  • Collaborate with
  • Train
  • Assist
  • Oversee
  • Inspect
  • Facilitate
  • Manage
  • Lead
  • Enact
  • Design
  • Spearhead

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking brewmaster’s position

Accomplished, passionate, and reliable brewmaster with over 10 years of experience in the profitable running of prestigious breweries. Have keen attention to detail, have excellent creative and analytical skills, and would like to further my career by joining the fast-paced environment at ABC Breweries Inc.

  • Crafted and oversaw the production of four new brands of ales which were well received in the market, bringing over $100,000 in profits
  • Enacted and oversaw the implementation of an improved SOP for malt handling, wort production, packaging, and quality control
  • Supervised and trained a team of 8 technical and quality control staff in the production and QA department at Acme Breweries
  • Participated in the implementation of a two-phase expansion project at Acme Breweries from 1200bbl/yr to 6000bbl/yr capacity.
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  • Degree
    in biology
  • 10
    years experience

2. Candidate seeking brewmaster’s position

Reliable, passionate, and creative brewmaster with one year experience and a degree in chemistry (GPA 3.9). Have a wide array of skills in the theory of beer manufacturing and are looking forward to putting my knowledge into practice at Acme Breweries Ltd.

  • Assisted the marketing departments in the introduction of new products in the market and public relations
  • Filled in daily inventory reports and submitted them to the supervisor as per brewer policy
  • Represented ABC breweries at local industry events by serving free samples and describing plant operations to attendees
  • Assisted the Brewmaster in charge of beer development and production operations and maintained a clean, organized space through good manufacturing practices.
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  • Degree
    in chemistry
  • 1-year

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