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Army recruiter Resume Tips and Ideas

Army recruiters’ primary role is to get more soldiers to sign up for the army. When writing your army recruiter resume, you also need to show the ability to carry out the following roles responsibly:

  • Visiting communities and schools to offer professional advice regarding the training and job opportunities available in the military
  • Interview and assess interested civilians
  • Display and distribute military advertising material
  • Carrying out background checks on interested people
  • Offering advice regarding reenlistment bonuses, housing and travel arrangements, and requisite tests.
  • Processing the information and collecting the documents of persons that agree to enlist

To become a member of the United States Army Recruiting Command, you also need to possess several soft skills, which include the ability to work under pressure, keen attention to detail, persuasion, and interpersonal skills, among others. In return, you will have a lucrative career that will offer you a great working environment.

To get that position, you need to write a professional army recruiter resume that will meet the stringent standards set by the military. If you are having a hard time designing your resume, our resume builders will assist you.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • You can view our resume examples for more information on the chronological resume format
  • Neat resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Formal appearance
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history/service n the military/deployments
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Honors and awards


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Foreign languages
Resume Length

1 page


The best resume format for a professional in the military is the reverse-chronological format. An army recruiter is expected to possess plenty of experience in military service to ensure that you can answer the questions of potential recruits with authority. This resume format allows you to place your work history at the top where the recruiting officers will readily find it. Here, they will also find talking points for your interview and track your career progress.  This resume layout is also easier to scan using ATS software.


An army recruiter, like any other professional in the military, must possess excellent organization skills and a keen attention to detail. To show off these attributes, make sure your resume is neat, well-structured, error-free, and formal. Avoid having excessively distracting characters and templates, as you may end up distracting your recruiting officers. Also, consider having plenty of white space in your resume to make it easier and more comfortable to read.   Consider looking through our resume examples for what an optimal resume design should look like. Fonts approved for writing official documents like resumes are Arial, Calibri, and Cambria in sizes 11-13. You must use only one font throughout your document for consistency. The subtitles you use at the start of every section should also be of the same font size. When you finish typing your details, run a thorough check through it to remove typos, then submit it as a resume as a PDF.


While applying for an army recruiter’s position, you may have to attach a headshot to the upper left corner of the resume. Only attach the photograph if it is stipulated in the application requirements.

Sections of a Resume

The resume sections are a significant factor to consider as you write your resume, as they contain all the information needed to prove your competence and readiness for the job. An army recruiter resume should indicate the most relevant skills, specializations, accomplishments, and honors you possess to help you stand out from the other applicants. Also, remember to be truthful and to provide only details that are relevant to the current position. The following resume sections will be required in your resume:

  • Resume header: this title will help your documents stand out in the case of a document mix-up. Write your name or professional title in bold uppercase letters.
  • Contact information:  Here, you provide the recruiting panel with an avenue to contact you for more information, references, or for an interview. Include current contacts you only use for work-related correspondence, (email, mailing address, and phone number).
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Honors and awards

Foreign languages can be a plus, as they make you able to interact with potential recruits with varying backgrounds. If you have more than ten years of service in the military, you do not have to include your volunteer experience or internships. You can include only the hobbies and interests that depict you as a disciplined, organized, and active individual.

Resume Length

An army recruiter’s resume should be one letter page long. One page is often enough to provide the recruiting officers with the details they need regarding your career.

Army recruiter Resume Section Headings

All the sections listed above are vital while writing your resume. However, the following sections may come across as the most important for your recruiters:

Work experience

The work experience section is very important in any job application, especially that of an army recruiter. USAREC will want to ensure that they bring officers on board who have sufficient experience and knowledge in military operations to assist in providing the army with the professionals it needs. For this section, you need to identify the exact roles of an army recruiter and tailor your work history to make them match suitably. Also, include your previous deployments and experience in reverse-chronological order (most recent work stint first).


Often the army will be interested in bringing learned individuals on board. Having an associates, bachelors, or masters degree will go a long way in getting you that position. Write your academic achievements in descending order, starting with the course title, school or college name and location, then years of study.

Army recruiter Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Action verbs and vocabulary are essential in making any resume more compelling and impressive. Use action verbs to adequately describe the specific duties you have carried out in the past and army-related vocabulary to express yourself clearly in your resume. below is a list of words you can use for your army recruiter resume:

Words to Use

  • Background checks
  • Benefits
  • Housing/travel arrangements
  • bonuses
  • enlistees
  • tours
  • Combat ready
  • integrity
  • Recruiting duty
  • Military Occupation Specialty
  • Military Entrance Processing States
  • BCT
  • community
  • Applicants
  • Recruiter ring

Action Verbs

  • Liaise
  • Exhibit
  • Evaluate
  • promote
  • Counsel
  • Interact
  • encourage
  • prospect
  • arrange
  • devise
  • oversee
  • integrate
  • Execute
  • Supervise
  • Participate
  • collaborate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking army recruiter post

Diligent US army veteran with over ten years of service, including three tours in Afghanistan and remarkable communication and persuasion skills. Possess a degree in human resources and have a proven track record in establishing beneficial relationships with the community.

  • Oversaw and executed BCT training for 120 enlistees
  • Earned the highly coveted USAREC Recruiter Ring award within three years of service
  • Prospected, communicated and processed the enlistment of fifty applicants into XYZ company within fifteen months
  • Collaborated with stakeholders in the community including parents, students, and religious leaders in promoting the army as an able employer
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  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    Degree in human resources

2. Candidate seeking army recruiter position

Reliable US army officer with four years of dedicated service. Possess excellent interpersonal and motivation skills, and have been regarded by senior officers as a valuable addition to the Army Equal Opportunity program.

  • Assisted in the processing of seventy eligible enlistees into the Army Reserve
  • Counseled interested high school students on the benefits of joining the army and army reserve
  • Used the Army Recruiting Information Support System to upload the records and information of prospecting enlistees
  • Counseled interested persons that did not fit the criteria to join the army
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  • Experience
    4 years
  • Education
    High School GED
  • Certifications
    Army Recruiter Course(79R)