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  • The format will depend on your personal profile
  • You can use combination, functional or chronological

The important element of a perfectly written resume includes summery, work experience and skills

Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”

Resume Samples

1. The candidate seeking acupuncturist resume roles

Samples Resume

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Resume summary statement: 8 years of experience in sales and client service. Excellent work ethic, interpersonal and organisational skills. Self-driven to work under minimal supervision, cohesively in a team or independently. Robust experience in an ever-busy office setting offering outstanding individualised attention to clients, and transparently giving relevant information.

  • Diagnosed and treated 5-10 patient within an hour. Vast experience treating many patients in a quick-paced society setting.
  • Established a rapport and trust with clients via intuition and language, contact treatment strategies and motivate patent enthusiasm for reliable care.
  • Constructed medical and payment records for client insurance compensation and patient legal requirements when needs

2. A candidate seeking acupuncturist post

Samples Resume

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Certified Practitioner of traditional medication and acupuncture. Specialises in sports, occupational medicine. Creates a successful setting for treating and helping clients restore their health, alleviate disability and attain their therapeutic goals. Collaborates with other health caregivers to offer the best care to customers and facilitate their recovery.

  • Nurtured customer base by establishing a marketing approach and companies and society outreach approaches such as email marketing and social media marketing
  • Generated leads and offered patient education via a presentation at integrative health occasion and health fairs.
  • Referred with patient’s network of health caregivers like chiropractors and MDs, massage therapies as required to the facility and integrative treatment approach.

Acupuncturist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Words to Use

  • Diseases
  • medication
  • First aid
  • Health
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Cure
  • Insurance
  • Natural cure
  • Herbal medicine
  • surgery
  • payment
  • licence
  • Certification
  • Prescription
  • Clinic

Action Verbs

  • Treat
  • Diagnose
  • Prescribe
  • Monitor
  • Maintain
  • train
  • Schedule
  • Coordinate
  • Respond
  • Administering
  • Undergoing
  • Modulates
  • Studying
  • Recommend
  • restores
  • Practicing

Acupuncturist Resume Tips and Ideas

An acupuncturist resume should indicate the determination and skills of the medical field, as well as showcase the applicant’s capability to solve various health issues. A resume allows your potential employers to assess your expertise, credentials and other qualifications for the acupuncturist post.

Your resume should include roles that are related to the job post. This will comprise diagnosing patients, developing treatment plans, responding to various queries made by patient, keeping patient records, and supporting their practice. The most successful example resumes for Acupuncturists make display of advanced acupuncture training. Your resume should be personalised, concise and well researched to assist you in improving your probability of getting the interview.

In this guide to writing an acupuncturist resume, you will learn how best to design and craft your personalized acupuncturist resume. So, you will be able to create a good resume now.

  • The format will depend on your personal profile
  • You can use combination, functional or chronological

The important element of a perfectly written resume includes summery, work experience and skills





  • Contact information
  • Professional work experience
  • Education
  • Skills


  • Charity work
  • Hobbies
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


When writing an acupuncturist resume, it’s good to use an ideal format that suite the details you want to present. As an applicant, you need to evaluate your profile and the job post you want for you to understand the format that is perfect for your needs.

While the chronological resume format might be used, combination and functional models can work as well. These modes place more emprise on your skills that are utilised when selecting the right candidate.

However, using either functional or combination, you will need to expound on every skill you have acquired. You will also need to mention different recognitions and awards you have won previously.

Your acupuncturist resume should have the right style and font to allow employers to skim your resume and still notice the essential skills.

Online templates can assist you in creating an acupuncturist resume that will get you hired.


The acupuncturist resume design must draw the attention of the hiring employers. Luckily, the advancement of technology has made things easy since they are numerous tools to improve your resumes.

Nevertheless, acupuncturists don’t need to add graphics that are irrelevant to the job post.

Before you hand in your resume, make sure it is well arranged. Use the correct spacing, tables, lines, bullet points and borders.

When it comes to job application, your resume should be in a PDF format. That will prevent the interference with formatting before the application arrives at the interviewing panel’s desk.


Don’t include photos in your acupuncturist resume. Photos attract discriminatory practices during the hiring process.

Sections of a Acupuncturist Resume

An acupuncturist resume must consist of the sections that are relevant to the job post.

In that case, you need to focus on the parts that are more important to the job you want. If the responsibilities require more skills than the level of education, try to offer more details on the skill section.

The important section comprises:

  • Contact information
  • Professional work experience
  • Education level
  • Skills


Acupuncturists should pay attention to maximising the length of the resume. All applicants should have a resume that is less than two pages.

Acupuncturist Resume Section Headings

Acupuncturist resume should focus on skills, work experience and education.


An acupuncturist resume must include all the skill-set that is relevant to the job post. Soft skills are essential since they will showcase your prowess to treat various diseases.

When writing your skills, display confidence in your capability by using adjectives. Describe your level of skills as average, proficient, or expert.

Note that the length and aim of this section will depend on your preferred resume format. Irrespective of the model you use, the section will comprise a combination of hard skills, technical skills and soft skills. Include a bullet list of your skills.


List all the education credentials such as diploma and degrees you have acquired. In this part, you may not have all the flexibility because education credentials are displayed in the job description. So, you will be in a better position if you have additional qualifications.

Work experience

This section should include a list of previous responsibilities and roles. But the amount of details will vary among the resume format. Work experience section must begin with the latest employer and go to the previous jobs in a trajectory order


Since this section is not mandatory, it won’t break or makes your acupuncturist resume. However, if you have professional recognition and awards relevant to the job post, you can include them.

Last modified on November 6th, 2019

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