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Companies rely on skillful account managers to bring in business and maintain working relationships to ensure both companies achieve their goals. It takes a go-getting attitude, great people skills and a good knowledge of tools like Hubspot, Microsoft dynamics and other planning tools to get hired. Business will want to see that your account manager resume is tip-top before they call you in for an interview.

The following guide will explain how you can expertly rework your resume for an account manager position and create the most effective document possible. You’ll learn how to perfectly set out and write your bio in a way that employers will react to. If you want to save even more time creating a great resume, use our tips along with our resume generator to quickly design and build a stand out profile.

Top Tips

    • Recommended: Reverse chronological
  • Optional: Combination
  • Create a tidy layout with clear sections
  • Write in a legible 12 point font
  • Use plenty of white space between sections and headers
  • Break up text-heavy sections with bullet point lists
  • Add a little neutral color to the dividing lines, headers, and borders




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1-2 x letter pages (8.5” x 11”)


The best format for an account manager resume is a reverse chronological design. This is because this particular layout focuses most on your current or most recent work experience. This is just what a hiring manager will want to see first.

However, if you have some impressive skills that you think should be highlighted or you have little to no experience as an account manager itself there are other alternative formats you can try. One of the best of these is a combination resume as it gives equal prominence to both skills and experience.


Naturally, your account manager resume needs to look good, however, the most important thing it needs to be is readable. A hiring manager may only spend seconds reviewing your document, therefore you want to make sure that they can find your best career achievements easily.

First, start by using a clean and tidy layout with clearly marked sections. When you start writing, use a legible 12 point text like Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial. By avoiding fancy fonts you’ll ensure that your resume can be read by anyone in almost no time at all. Using a size 12 font will also make sure that the text isn’t too big or too small for a reader.

Be mindful of white space on the document as too much can make your document look empty and bereft of information whilst too little can make the information on the page seem jumbled. Using a little of this white space to separate out your sections and subsections, though, can make the information on the sheet really pop. Additionally, by breaking up some of your text-heavy sections with bullet points you can make the resume much easier to scan-read.

Finally, while it’s most important to focus on conveying the information in an orderly and easy-to-read way you can also show a little creativity. After all, you want the page to be eye-catching. To do this use a little neutral color in the headers or borders to make your design stand out that little bit more!


You won’t need to include a profile photo with your resume. In the USA most recruiters won’t require a photo to be displayed on your document. In fact, many might discard your resume if they see a picture of you on it. This is because US employment discrimination law is very strict and progressing a candidate based on their appearance could lead to accusations of bias.

Sections of a Resume

When a potential employer sits down to read your resume, they’re going to want to see the following sections at a minimum:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

However, there’s a lot more that can still be fitted on the page. If you’ve earned any significant awards for your work in account management or you have any interests or personal hobbies that you think might impress the recruiter, this can all be expressed in the following optional sections:

  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

The most effective resumes keep things short and sweet. Therefore the optimum length for your account manager resume is a single letter page. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to extend to a second page if you have the experience, career achievements or special certifications that you can’t all fit on just one page. However, avoid going beyond 2 pages at all costs as longer documents are more likely to be discarded by time-pressed recruiters.

Account Manager Resume Section Headings

To get your account manager resume off to a fantastic start you should start off with a quick resume summary or resume objective statement. Quickly detail any achievements or skills that you think the hiring manager will want to see and that will encourage them to keep reading. Remember, on average an HR person will only spend about 6-10 seconds reading your resume, so this should be eye-catching and tailored to the position you’re targeting.

Work experience

If your resume summary has done its job then your work experience section is the next destination for a reader. This is the section of your resume which will do the heaviest lifting so it’s important to make sure you get in the information that counts.

Start with your current or most recent position in account management and work backward detailing the roles you’ve held in the field. For each, note:

  • The name of the company
  • The position (or positions) that you held
  • The dates you worked for each company
  • The tasks you performed in the job

When explaining the duties you performed in the companies you previously worked for, make sure to quantify your achievements and responsibilities as much as possible. This could be via the number of projects handled, budgets managed or sales targets achieved.

Work experience

To work as an effective account manager you need to be an expert at the software required for the job and a master at the art of negotiation. Employers will want to see these teachable skills front and center on your resume. It’s, therefore, a good idea to get one or more of the following hard skills onto your document:

  • Negotiation
  • Cold calling
  • CRM
  • Business management
  • Data analytics
  • Salesforce
  • Account planning

On the other hand, being a great account manager requires great people skills. You need to demonstrate you’ve got the right character for the job as well as the right abilities. However, you can show that you’ve got what the recruiter is looking for by getting the following soft skills on your resume:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Relationship building
  • Collaborating


Whilst not as important as your experience and skills, the education section of a resume can make a big difference in whether or not you get the job. Most prospective employers will want to see an appropriate degree in Marketing, PR, Advertising or Business Management.

Additionally, don’t forget to include any further information about your training and any subsequent qualifications you’ve gained on the job. These could be certificates or professional qualifications or even training courses. Employers will be more likely to select your resume for an interview if you demonstrate a dedication to continuous personal development.

Account Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Just like the language you choose when selling your companies service to a client, the words on your account manager resume need to be relevant and convincing. It’s highly recommended to include as many industry specific terms as possible when you write your profile.

This has two benefits. Firstly, it will show you have a great understanding of the work you will be required to do. Secondly, you will be able to easily pass through any applicant tracking software (ATS) filters. These are commonly used now by companies to automatically discard any resumes that don’t use enough keywords or terms. Therefore it’s best to make the language focused whilst still being concise.

Words to Use

  • Salesforce
  • Portfolio
  • Requirements
  • CRM
  • Quotes
  • Compliance
  • Business proposal
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Risk evaluation
  • Hubspot
  • Objectives
  • Lead generation
  • Upselling
  • Pipeline management
  • Cold call

Action Verbs

  • Call
  • Assist
  • Contact
  • Collaborate
  • Negotiate
  • Suggest
  • Evaluate
  • Email
  • Secure
  • Budget
  • Strategize
  • Conduct
  • Leverage
  • Plan
  • Research
  • Sell

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking account manager role

Dedicated and organized account manager with a skilled approach to project management and proven track record in successfully bringing onboard quality clients.

  • Prospected and approached companies to create new partnerships
  • Created trusting and productive working relationships with new partnering companies
  • Worked closely with marketing and sales aftercare teams to improve client experience
  • Oversaw an increase of 20% in revenue over a period of 9 months
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  • 3
    years experience
  • BA
  • Certificate
    Salesforce Expert
  • Project Management

2. Candidate seeking senior account manager role

Experienced, effective and driven senior account manager with a long history of creating valuable new partnerships with blue chip companies across multiple industries.

  • Managed a portfolio of 22 clients across 3 industries
  • Fully researched and strategized methods of company outreach for new opportunities
  • Worked directly with onboarding clients so that they felt comfortable with the process
  • Carefully analyzed marketing statistics to ensure they met goals and to raise sales intake
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  • 7
    years experience
  • BS
    Business Management
  • MA
  • Certificate
    Microsoft Office

Last modified on June 4th, 2020

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