Top 10 Tips for a Job Interview

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Top 10 Tips for a Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve-wracking. You are put on the spot, tested and asked numerous job interview questions. The interviewer may try to catch you out and there are numerous pitfalls which candidates fall into.

However, knowing what to expect and a considered approach can leave you in an advantageous position and help you get ahead of the competition. You’ve taken the time to write an effective resume, now you need to focus on the next stage.

Here are 10 expert interview tips to help you nail a job interview…

1) Research the company

Job interview preparation: Doing your homework on the employer is the foundation to a successful interview. An understanding of the employer and what their looking for will not only help you to predict the interview questions they’re going to ask but will give a clearer indication of the answers that they want to hear.

What do you know about the company? is a typical first job interview question which you should be ready for. If you don’t have a thorough answer to give it will be awkward and will make you seem amateurish or uninterested in the job.

Either way, it gives the impression that you haven’t taken the job interview seriously.

2) Predict the job interview questions and prepare answers

Write a list of job interview questions and answers. Be ready to explain any gaps in your resume and the reasons why you left past positions. Look through the job requirements and think of concrete examples which you can give to highlight these skills.

An easy way of doing this is to match the key skills in the job description to your experience.

3) Dress suitably

What to wear for a job interview? Plan an outfit which fits the culture of the organization and shows that you’re professional. If you’re in doubt, it’s always better to overdress than underdress. Whatever you choose it’s essential to appear clean and smart.

Don’t wear too much jewelry and keep accessories to a minimum.

4) Arrive a little early

It is important to give the impression that you’re punctual and you want to feel calm and in control. Arriving early will help to achieve both of these things.

Don’t wait until the last minute to choose an outfit, print your professional resume, or find a pen and notepad. Do all of these things well in advance and give yourself ample time to get to the interview.

5) Make a good first impression

Being punctual and well-dressed are the key to this. Giving a positive first impression is crucial. Be warm and polite to everyone you meet. Give a firm handshake when greeting the interviewer and remember to make eye contact.

Try not to smoke or eat right before the interview, bring chewing gum if necessary. Throughout the interview demonstrate an enthusiastic, positive attitude.

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6) Be calm, confident, positive, and focused

Job interview technique: During the interview itself, the quality of your answers, and the delivery are key. Providing you’ve followed the previous steps, the should have a fairly good idea of what questions will be asked, and what your responses will be.

Job interviews are stressful but careful preparation will give you confidence and help you deal with the stress.

Your answers should be concise and focused. Showcase your skills and experience which fit with the job and the employer. Provide examples of your achievements but try not to give long-winded answers.

Stay positive. Don’t speak negatively about past positions or ex-colleagues. The interview is about you.

7) Don’t be modest, sell yourself

The candidate who gets the job is often the one who performs the best in the job interview by showcasing why they are the ideal candidate for the job and organization.

You have to see yourself in order to achieve this. Don’t hide your accomplishments,  a job interview is no time to be modest.

8) Ask plenty of insightful questions

This is one of the best job interview tips. You must ask at least a few questions to show that you’ve done some research, you are curious, and that you’re a serious candidate for the position.

Even if the interviewer has given thorough explanations and there’s nothing more you want or need to know, still ask questions.

The best thing to do is write a list of job interview questions days before the interview and add additional queries during the interview.

9) Make a good final impression

The final impression you leave is likely to be remembered. Make sure it’s positive. Thank each person who interviewed you before you leave.

Job interviews can be tiring, it’s crucial not to give the impression that you can’t wait to leave and get home. The interview is a positive opportunity to showcase your talent and to learn about the company, make sure your words and body language reflect this.

10) Follow-up

Send thank-you emails shortly after the interview, try to do it within 24 hours. You can include any details you may have forgotten to mention in the interview.

If you follow all of this job interview advice you will have avoided the most common pitfalls and will have made yourself a strong candidate for the job.

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